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Coffee News on Australia Day.

It’s a public holiday our first for the year – Australia Day – a very different one compared to many years ago, seems to be more bitching than happiness or celebrations of once a great country, it’s like most that love their country are finding it a bit hard what you can do and not do. We all know there are all ways rules to obey but every year there seems to be another dozen or so added to the list of many.

Everyone has been notified if you are on government property as in parks, gazebo areas for bbq and relaxation with no mask on you will be fined $150.00, I understand it’s for the protection and especially now we have regular cases every day now being recorded. It will be interesting to see the numbers usually three hundred thousand congregate on the city foreshore for the biggest sky show in Perth, with takeaway and coffee shops demanding double vax or no service, for one of their biggest intakes of turnover to the public, will the numbers drop dramatically or will they stay the same as previous years or have the public had enough.

Once again the big news in W.A is the closure of our borders which could be for some time yet, there are plenty of arguments with the fore and against on this subject – schools – Qantas – construction – retail – tourism – health – hotels you name them they all have a massive point of why we should or shouldn’t keep the border’s closed or open them up on the 5th of Feb – The government is arguing that by opening the borders we will have an explosion with the Covid19 – the other side is saying whatever way it goes we are going to cop it whatever happens as for us the public we just have to go with the decision made for us by the government and the health minister after all they know the best for us as they have shown in the last two years – I know sarcasm will get you no were.

To finish off my coffee – my daughter brings in the mail with a flyer from the education department of what parents or as they are called now guardians on the strict rules for dropping and picking up their kids at school, with events & outings with volunteer work as well…The other thing was it hasn’t been mentioned yet vax – un vax will be brought in with the rules lining into the school’s protocol, it will be a very interesting first term for my grandson his mum & dad to be more precise for all parents with their kids schooling for 2022.

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