News off Today…First Month of 2022 and we are on an avalanche of Hardships.

As the coffee is going down quite enjoyable for a Sunday morning, I decided to look around the world and see how they’re progressing in 2022. The Irish Times Reports – Further 10,000 cases of Covid19 as most pandemic restrictions are lifted. Life in Ireland took a step forward with normality on Saturday as most pandemic-related restrictions on social and economic activity were lifted. The Forsa trade union is seeking consultation on the phased return to workplaces, as the benefits of remote working must not be lost. Again thousands of miles away the main and most important news for Ireland is the domination of Covid19, and again society is being told by their government the way life is at the moment for society.

To the Australian Government our future is in our hands, our lives are what we choose to make them.

Most countries in the world are worried and fighting the Covid19 pandemic, but sadly a small part of the world is waiting to see if there at the brink of war, Ukraine’s borderline have more than 100,000 Russian troops waiting to invade the soviet republic, though it’s put some of the tension with the U.S. and allies about its next moves in the worst security crises to emerge between Moscow and the West since the Cold War. Its amazing truth is, we have most countries throughout the world fighting a pandemic and all the shit that comes with it, and we have the might power preparing for war with NATO membership for Ukraine and others as well as the alliance’s weapons deployment as they have stepped over the red line. With Moscow warning that they would order military – unspecified – technical measures if the demands aren’t met. As this is going through its procedures Russia itself has hit an all-time high with the Covid19 which the authorities are blaming the highly contagious Omicron variant, which they expect to soon dominate the country’s outbreak. Within day’s Russia could be fighting two wars one with the dominance of a pandemic and one where they show the power of killing through their might of high technology with their weaponry.

To the government of the world, it’s in your hands to make the world a better place. So do so for the future.


Americans are being hit with the highest cases of the covid19 pandemic in two years, with complete strain on hospital staff and resources, numbers of infections and deaths rise every day, with one in six are testing positive every day. They are all so finding that the weather is being very unkind with continuous snowfall and hazardous winter conditions in the Southeastern of United States. Wildfires along California’s Big Sur forces hundreds of residents on this precarious stretch of the coast to evacuate, with strong winds being recorded at ( 144 kph ) in the mountains east of Santa Clarita toppling trees and powerlines, with the red flag flying expecting strong winds and much drier conditions the forecast of extreme fire danger was issued to the region. As policemen get shot, young girls get abducted, dogs dropping over with a rear disease being recorded in parks, massive storms and fires, record unemployment, record homeless throughout the states, and now the possibility of Europe to their first war in decades, young Joe with the US intelligence warning Russia on laying the groundwork to invade Ukraine. I’d say Joe Biden has no problems or catastrophes happening in his country at all, seems to be more problems in Ukraine than at home, Haha makes ya think.

The future of our world lies in the hands, the hearts and the minds of our children.


Back home the news at the moment is the rise, deaths, percentages of vaccinations daily, how are we going to get the kids to school and what can be done, what happens to the school pupils that are unvaccinated with their schooling. In my state of W.A we have recorded 24 new Covid19 cases since the 22nd of January and climbing. We also have cut the border off to the rest of Australia and the world, you can come into Western Australia with strict protocol to enter and cover your own cost with quarantine, Mmm they wonder why tourism is dropping at a rapid rate. Yesterday in Perth a record crowd of over 70,000 protested on the restrictions and laws coming in on the 5th of February and the mandatory no vaccinations no job, this very much so is landing on deaf ears as our government has a vendetta with the unvaccinated to the point where we will be separated as the good, bad and ugly Haha all joke aside this is fucking happening, for me this is not what we teach our kids in how to separate society on the morals of different believes with choices that they make with it. My grandson is witnessing this in the shopping centres as people have all been registered as police officers, that just can’t keep their big mouths out of peoples business, it’s so seriously taken with the government they now have created a position to control throughout the Perth region with anti-mask, anti-vaccinated – as Covid sheriffsthey have the power to walk into a business if not applied in the rules with the protocol they can have you shut down – or fined if you are in there doing business with that company this is with every state in Australia. The kids of Australia are learning within the way we will in the future call racism – in colour, nationality, their beliefs, their choices made, vax & un-vax… the young generation of today are certainly being brought up with society on different thoughts of the wold in front of us, I’m no professor but we are going to get worse before looking forward to we’re and what we are as humans with the future for our younger generation behind us.

The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.


#Way Of Life…

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