Learn Every Day…Even If Does Cost You Big Bucks..

This is a short story, but an interesting one and one that I’ve learnt that can happen but didn’t know it could happen if that makes sense. The other day I got a text message from the courts to contact them so as I do and I find out that I have broken the law and the law that I didn’t know existed but I’ll explain.

So this is how the story goes I contacted the courts spoke to the lady on the phone, she informed me they have been looking for me since August 2021, as I said I haven’t been anywhere and I’m not hiding been at home while working up north but always contactable. So what has happened I had been requested to go on jury duty I had a letter sent to the old address of 2 1/2 years ago, Obviously had no idea because through the circumstances of living in-the new address which I have been there for 2 1/2 years.

I currently explained that through shifting you have to change your address your postal address registration drivers license electricity gas water bills etc etc And I went a head and did all that as far as I knew I was covered. But I was told I need to change my Electra roll address, I had the paperwork to say that I did change my address but it got lost in the system which I didn’t know and I wasn’t notified. So through this I have been fined $970 for not appearing to court and it keeps going up, I also have lost my license and my car registration so I can’t drive anywhere, now I got two ways of doing this I can fight it because I believe it was an honest mistake I had the paperwork to say that I change my address but it got lost in the system which I didn’t know and I wasn’t notified.

If I fight it it could take up to 10 to 12 weeks to go through the system I really got no choice but to pay the $970 so I can get my license and registration back. What I find really hard to swallow is that I did everything right changed all the dresses followed all this up they had my email address and phone number but didn’t have my new address and they only do it through electoral roll, so really if I was to fight it I’m looking at 10 to 12 weeks to go through the system and also I could have a warrant out for my arrest because it hasn’t been paid, as I was informed on the phone I have broke the law and you need to understand through breaking the law Consequences happen. Broke the law for changing to a new and better house it’s breaking the law.

I know it’s a bit of immature way of looking at it, for me I’ve been fined heavily and lost the license and car registration because I shifted from one area to another to better myself just doesn’t make sense and it didn’t matter what I said it stands and they are my options. So it goes to show even at 63 you learn something new every day, and one thing I’ve learnt that the government are bigger wankers than I thought it’s amazing system the different rules and regulations and obviously to win a case like this you need to take it to the courts if you lose it cost you a lot of money so really you’ve got no argument I have got to just go with it. I’ll be paying the fine Monday and then I have to wait 5 to 7 days for it to go through the system so I can get my license and registration back so whatever way it goes I’m losing each direction that I take, I can say is that it’s a very hard and honest lesson to learn and one that’s gonna cost me a lot of money but it’s a way of life and it’s the way it’s created and been done by a government.

#Way Of Life…


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