To do or not to do?

An interesting question that’s for sure and one many of us would have at the moment.

Is this weakness or the right thing to do… Am I doing it for me or to please everyone else… I know in reality I have to…

I’d say this would be one of the hardest decisions I have made in a long time and one I’m not happy in doing so for my own reasons and beliefs, but it’s one I’m making and at the end of the day it’s my choice. The way life is set up for me and everyone else is to get your vaccinations or life is going to be so hard in so many ways. For me personally I need surgery for a hip replacement, I need to get myself part or full-time work it’s interesting I need to pay the bills Lol… I need to be able to just get everyday groceries without being harassed every time I go near a store, that was supposed to be starting the thirty first of this month stores have already commenced well and truly. I have gone over it so many times the good and the bad, what I don’t and do gain through getting the vaccination… pure and simple – just a bit of a life for me.

I know it’s not all dark and gloom and for a lot of the society it’s just needed to be done and I understand, It’s funny I had so many reasons for not getting vaccinated, now thank’s to the government and many In society I have reasons why I have to be vaccinated. Life has many hurdles and challenges in front of us some we create and other’s are created for us, this choice that I’m making has been pushed in so many ways but yet it’s a choice I have had to make like many have done so and it’s one where I hope I can go forward this year in a lot of ways.

#Way Of Life…

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