Your Choice Is a real question?

I’d say for the first time in my life I have to adjust the way I do things and how I do it and this is through the rules and regulations being required for you to do so by the Australian government. I watched the world news for the first time in a while we are the only country in the world with full mandatory with getting your Jabs, work, mask, and everyday living is coming into place, the rules will come into full mandatory from the 5th of February.

For me the Choices I use to make in life have been taken away, as now they are made for me, with the Chance to make Changes for better or worse is very different …I have made a Choice in not getting the vaccine shots, for in doing so life is going to be made very hard just with everyday living. Like many other thousands of people that didn’t want the jab’s but have done so to get through life changes, I know I’ll be forced into it very soon there will be no Choice.

I’d like to ask the Question? why are we spending so much money and effort with the Covid19, we’re right at this moment there are thousands waiting for surgery and some very serious, and I’m one of them with a full hip replacement needed, but nothing is getting done to resolve and reform the problem we seem to have lost the real common sense how important this endures lives.

They say You could once make your Choices in Life with living, health, employment which create Chances to make Changes with your life.

Today – We make your Choices for you, we create your Chances, You adjust to our Changes we have made for You – Australian Gvernment.


#Lifeat63…Way Of Life.


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