is there an item for Unconditional love…

What is Love? Now that’s a good question for someone that hasn’t been in a relationship for 22 years Hahaha that is a long time, when I sit back and think about it twenty-two is longer than twenty haha, as I look In the mirror am I dork, Mmm no but the image I see Is not inviting when you think about it, let’s move on – Love – Unconditional Love does it happen and what is that word Unconditional…

Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations, or love without conditions, now that’s a line that can mean so much with a couple that can be at any level with their relationship. Is this a myth or can it happen, I have heard and seen this conditional love, Mmm I remember the first five years or roughly we’re my ex would do anything for me and just worship me, she sparkled every time I walked in the room, and then like everything good things come to an end Haha I was just your average Boyfriend, just do what I’m told sort of guy, my philosophy was simple to keep in the good books, and I can really say I loved her a lot, Mmm I’m blushing Haha I’d say that is something that will never happen again pretty confident with that one Very confident.

So of the form with unconditional love – is regarded as the highest form of love, most religions recognize this too, hence why they attribute unconditional love from man to God. If God does exist then unconditional love would be easy for him or her, given the corresponding infinite patience and ability to forgive.

Would it be wrong of me to think about it just a fraction, well, first of all, I have to find someone that talks to me first, and then think I’m ok, like me, start to flutter when she sees me, kisses me with a meaning, Mmm to much to consider that’s some work needed and a really long way to go before I even think Off getting to this level, even Love?

For a healthy line with the body and mind, unconditional Love can be really good for you as it activates some of the same areas of the brain’s reward system that romantic love does. In other words, the simple act of loving someone unconditionally may produce positive feelings, be emotionally well being, your beaming with happiness, and mental state is at a good level as the feeling of being loved unconditionally is so rewarding as a man or woman.

Mmm, I’m Depressed now Lol.

#Lifeat63…Way Of Life.

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