Did You Know? That the pandemic of Covid19 was predicted months before the first case.

As I have so much time up my sleeve because I really don’t do too much with being so uncomfortable in moving around so I stay in my man’s cave, Lol ( room ) so with interest, I’ve been doing some research on a few things and one is the Coronavirus, one off the main reasons why is because that’s all you get on T.v, how many new cases, how many died, were we are in the number with percentage’s in vaccinations, with making sure you get your shots and booster now.

In the spring of 2019, months and well before the first case of Covid19, the experts were predicting a pandemic to hit the world. They understood and knew if we look at something that could go through the world and kill millions of people the Pandemic was our greatest risk. In terms of a death hole, a pandemic would rival even the past of pandemics we have had, the cost of the economy with humanity will be unbelievable with the world shutting down, no country will be immune from what it will create, they also felt yes we can control it as this won’t get that bad, would it be as bad as Sars in 2002 that come from china killing hundreds same with 2012 Mers that killed hundreds it was on the radar from 2012 but were we ready for it or getting prepared for it, and why weren’t we prepared.

Sars is believed to be created from the markets within China same as Covid19 from the family of bats or fish, but it is believed from the markets. Now we have had the Bird flu, Smallpox, Polio, Typhoid, Swine flu, Ebola, Measles, Human flu & the Covid 19, just a few to name. 1918 – 1919 the Influenza Pandemic 1 in 3 were infected then smallpox really killed the world with high infections at a rapid pace, it took until 1980 for a vaccine to have great results with Smallpox or slow it down, it took many many years to create a vaccination with smallpox and many others.

In 2005 the World Health Organization drew up a BluePrint on how the world should be prepared and respond to crises like this, and countries hat to develop a capacity to detect outbreaks and notify W.H.O, 195 countries joined up for it but none applied with it, which made our health system well untruly not prepared. It’s funny most countries prepare for war more than worrying about health, it is recognized that we did not respond faster to the Covid19, it all so shows three weeks before China did too much with the virus Doctor Li Wengliang was told to sign a form that he couldn’t alert any other doctors on the outbreak, with 3 weeks of his death it was estimated that 114,000 caught the virus, the rest is known, if it was brought up 3 months early it would only have affected 20% of the population in China and all so slowing down the rapid spread of the virus through the world.

So now we create the fastest Vaccine ever known to mankind, Sars, Smallpox, even Measles took 15 years or more to develop and test to see if it could stop them or slow them down. Our immune system remembers the antigens it can do forever or just for a while, so it was hoped that the Covid19 vaccine would stop altogether in getting the virus, Lol we are miles away from there you have just as much chance of getting it even with your three jabs and the booster shot, with the development we have, you get the virus but don’t die Mmm, so it rates around 60% in protecting you from the virus.

Most vaccines throughout the world are at a level of 96% to help combat most of the viruses known to mankind. It’s is said that vaccines are one of the most significant inventions in human history, the world doesn’t agree on much but we do agree on childhood vaccinations are important, and that’s crucial to help slow or stop a virus as we need most people in the world to be immuned its called Herd Immunity, the idea is by most people getting the virus or not at all.

Yes, there are many things happening to create the right vaccine for Covid19, you hear and read so many things with this but I’m still a bit confused with the numbers of infections being reported every day and most are one’s that are fully vaccinated with the booster jab.

It is said we need 60% of the human population throughout the world to get the virus we’re it can be controlled or slow It down. With all this I Feel one thing was missed, is the continuous lies and the force with threats to your everyday living that comes with it from all governments over the world, so with that we get more controlled and we don’t have much say in what and how we do things in life. What I have found Is the information on how to cope with – lockdowns – rules & regulations brought in every day – Losing employment – and family breakup’s, and so many challenges that come up in front of you with the pandemic, you get all the information but everybody is mentally different, we all handle problems in different ways, the art is try and handle it to the best that you can and have support around you to help overcome your situation.

The Big Question Would Be, How Long Does The Covid19 Stay Around, Even The Experts Haven’t The Answer For That One.

#Lifeat63…Way Of Life.

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  1. In 1985, at the University of The Witwatersrand, Stephen Khumalo, and Ben Addler published a book named, “The Eastern Legacy and the coming pandemics.” In there they prophesied 2020 and a slew of other things.

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