what does 2022 hold?

I say that is the great question of 2021, and it’s a hard one to answer as every year throughout the world we have so many catastrophes, with nature, human errors, man-made, and technology. It’s something that happens every year that creates human sadness, the interesting one of all will see how much Covid19 creates problems throughout the world, I would say this is not going away if anything it’s only going to grow to more headaches with the future.

As we do every year we get predictions on the new year coming upon us with what the year holds for us. Covid19 stands out as the big one through what it creates, the Economy was a front runner through stock markets crashing badly, unemployment created with closers of many businesses, sickness rise on waiting for medical procedures, mental health will rise dramatically, family breaks up’s, the rise in all ages with depression is a concern with health many parts of the world will endure such problems with Covid19. Global threats with the Environment for natural disasters as it needs a lot of work and money put into something that you would feel would be one of the greatest importance of the world, but sadly every government keeps talking without too much action for the future.

A lot predict that with technology we will live our lives in a very virtual world of computers, mobile phones, notebooks for communication and with our work environment will be more created through the Covid19 as it is now most answering services with banks, insurance companies, government enquires are done from the worker’s home or an isolated office. For whatever 2022 hold for us it will be one of great interest in the thought off do we improve with many things in our lives or does go into a further hole maybe it will stabilize for whatever the new year holds for us, it will be one we’re not too sure what is in front of us, I’d like to think it’s one of going forward in so many ways for everyone in the world – but we all know what thought – thought.

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