They make my day…

As you get older the Christmas feeling is still there but not like it was when the kids were younger and the enjoyment of watching them terrorize their presents with the smile and enjoyment when they see what they have received. Then we come to these two guys which bring back that spark to Christmas, and they do very much so, Ava is that bit older this year, she had a great time in opening her presents but really had no idea what was happening and why we’re Kado just tears the paper off with a smile and cheekiness of happiness with a huge smile followed.

As we can see they weren’t spoilt one bit Lol, the great thing with this is that Kado can not thank you enough as for everyone he opened followed thanks, mum & dad, I got a huge cuddle with love ya pop, Ava walks up to me with a look and then arms out for a cuddle with love ya pop that’s what makes Christmas for me.

I understand that the festive season is the enjoyment of happiness, good deeds, family & friends with love and a touch of good karma going through the house, if it was ever said 2021 was a year that most households could do with the spirit of Christmas. I know I’m not the only house or parent & granddad that likes the idea of haven a good festive season but for me, it’s one I really do enjoy being with my adult kids family, and friends, but these two guys on the left really make my day and year, as for that day I forget the shit and problems we have all endured throughout the year, and once we’re id say a lot of families would have forgotten the last 12 months as that day was to be the one day of full enjoyment of Christmas.

Christmas is, of course, the time to be home – in heart as well as body. It’s a time that we spend with loved ones, by creating memories together, ones that last forever.

#Lifeat63…Way Of Life.

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