START with the PHYSIOS PROGRAM FOR HIP and body movement…

This morning had my first visit to the Midland Hospital Physios for a program to see if we can get this body more functional than it is at the moment. Again it must be a virus there as the receptionist, nurses and physio were more than helpful there was nothing they weren’t trying to make me feel more comfortable than I was feeling and that was a good thing and something the staff works for really hard at.

This program is designed to strengthen your weak side of the body by carrying the strong side, getting the muscles moving evenly with both sides of the body with walking sitting, and most movements that we do every day in life.

I went through this program with the physio early this morning, it’s a program that’s not looking for full fitness it’s looking at strengthening the weaker muscles and joints of the body, so it’s slow movements and does them technically right with correct movements. We chatted about how we could tweak them just to work in with my body soreness.

Pool movements – Walking, squats, lunges, calf raises, sideway hip kick, slow marching, walking backward’s with deep water cycling. Both programs are simple and designed for the purpose of bringing back muscle and joint strength.

Both programs are done twice a day every day, I felt sore after the session done at the hospital so this afternoon I’m going to do the pool one just to make sure I have the right movements and see how sore I am tomorrow, the pool should be good in one way as the buoyancy will help the weight side of my body… I have 6 weeks before I go back to see the physio so that gives me an opportunity to get better body movement then see if we can take it to another level as I have a long wait before I see the specialist and the hip operation so let us see if we can improve my movement of the body.

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