Collecting Good People Around you… you can’t have enough…

I have been off my levels with being motivated, enthusiastic, get up and go for the last week or so, and this is brought through one phone call that sort of knocked me back a bit, a fair bit actually Hahaha but as hard as it is you need to direct focus, sharpen up with keep looking forward.

What was that call? it was from the hospital – now I should have expected it in some way’s as we know the health system is not in a good way, in saying this we are better than a lot of countries throughout the world even better than the USA, but for me, I live in Australia and I need to get back on my feet as quickly as possible.

Just short I was told that I have been ( classed with my hip replacement, into a category which was – 3 going into 2 categories) with that 18 months to two years waiting to see the specialist and then another few months to have the operation if I was any lower it would be up to 3 – 4 years… Hahaha well, that sort of knocked me back a bit, too get to a category 1 – I should be in a wheelchair wearing a nappy and wanting to wheel off a cliff as I have had enough with the pain. With this outstanding information that I received I sort of got lost in my cave my room and had a bit of a fight with ( Dave the Depression – DD – ), I named it as I find it helps when I have a chat with the depression haven a name to chat too Lol, So I thought fuck it I’m going to have a point with this and rang the hospital, got put straight through to the orthopedic section, I was very polite very explainable with my point and my options.

A Long Come Katrina…

The lady on the other end was very understanding and very helpful and all so the lady that put your case forward to the orthopedic surgeon by numbering your case the higher you are the quicker you see him, from 1 to 400 I say that as there are over 400 paientence at Midland hospital alone waiting to see the surgeons from ankles, shoulders, knees, hip anything to do with the bones of the body that might need replacing, it was explained that over 4000 people are on the waiting list in Perth just to see one specialist – orthopedic – Mmm makes it more interesting.

Katrina asked me a lot of questions she was very thorough and professional… questions like your … level of pain, how do you walk, sit, drive, amount of sleep, what medication are you taking for pain, and how many injections a week, she was all so over my test’s and results which she had in front of her. She also explained the procedures as we chatted about my case, would have been on the phone for around 50 minutes, and got a lot done in some ways better than the other lady that basically… went here is this, and this is how it’s happening… Lol, a lady of great personality Hahaha…I answered honestly in exactly how I felt – don’t take any medication or have injections as they don’t seem to work – sleeping two to four hours a night – driving is very uncomfortable – walking like I have a huge carrot shoved up the right side of my arse, Mmm my dad is 93 and walks quicker than me, sitting is ok getting back up is a nightmare, my depression at the moment is not at a good level and so on so on – through this Katrina said give me a few minutes and ill ring you back see what I can do, Mmm heard that a few times.

Appreciate good people. As they are really hard to come by.


Thank You Katrina…

The phone rang within half an hour it was Katrina from the hospital, I have taken your case to the surgeons explained the case of your’s, and explained I have just got off the phone with going over many issues on your health right at this moment. She also explained that they close this section for Christmas from 16/12/21 until 10/01/22 so not much is happening until then with a following of I’m so sorry for this – I understand that not your fault – so we are going this way for the moment and it could change anytime hopefully for the better. 1) You will start physio Tuesday the 21/12/21 and on the twenty-third, you will get two, one-hour sessions a week, which was excellent in some ways as I wasn’t booked in originally until March next year. 2) I all so have put your file on the top of the files so your case will be on the surgeon’s desk first thing in the morning on the 10th of January… with this, by going to the physio’s weekly you’re in the surgeons face and that pushes it a lot quicker.

I will finish I certainly felt better through that call and a bit of relief it could move a lot quicker. What I need to say how good was Katrina, cared I mean really cared, she understood me and where I was with my mind and health, but more than anything Katrina really wanted to help me it wasn’t this is my job, I need to do this it was with true heart and truly wanting to help me feel better and have some sort of procedure in going forward, I could not thank her enough for her effort and the way she handled my case.

I look at myself as a bit of a hard man you know – got a heart but no heart – I had a few tears in my eyes as this lady really cared about me and really wanted to help me get through this, Katrina all so understood at my age the workforce is a hard one to try and stay in she understood the company is prepared to hold on to my position for the next 5 to 8 months not 4 to 5 years so that was important as well, Katrina said to me that she felt I was a really good man, kind-hearted and had a good heart towards people and she felt she needed to return it by helping me, Lol I was nearly sobbing as I had a lady that I never have met except today on the phone but made a huge, massive, extraordinary effort to help me out in my life... Haha not that I’m a stud or anything through my appreciation I asked Katrina if I could take her for lunch to thank her for what she had done, I got yes Paul Id like that, Haha I’m such a nice guy.

I believe in being a good person it doesn’t depend on my religion, my race or the color of my skin, my culture, or if I’m fat or skinny, ugly or a six-pack stud, for me personally I believe I have a good heart and treat other with a good level of respect, and understanding off who and what they are as a human being.

ThankYou Katrina…

#Lifeat63 Way Of Life…

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