Tell me off today’s ways.

What are today’s ways with our living and society, the upbring of our next generation, what and where are we in going forward?

Looking back…

How was it back when I was just a mere kid, teen, or a young adult growing up with my life, so many changes in such a short time and we seem to be going with more that get bigger, not sure if they are for the better, so many changes with attitudes, respect, gratitude, the way we think the way we get dictated in what we do with how we do it… are these changes for the better? it’s a question I ask as I’m sitting having a coffee watching everyone going about doing their thing…

I use to think my dad was a hard man, a man was a man, you jumped when he spoke, no return of lip when the command was said, with the high standard of respect, a good attitude towards every age in front of you, do the job do it well, look – listen – learn every time, be seen not heard, speak when spoken too Haha the list goes on. Can I say If I look at the way my parents brought me up I believe I’ve turned out pretty good when comes to my personality towards a society of all ages, even now I’m one for please, thank you, may I, show of respect?

We have changed with today’s music, fashion, recreation drugs are more the way to enjoy your outing’s, communication is 90% done by phone, the art of talk face to face has changed… that’s how it’s been for a decade and increasing with the next decades.

Social media isn’t a fad any more, it’s the fundamental shift in the way we communicate and live.


I had this thing when bringing the kids up, not that I had a problem with mum & dad but I wasn’t going to be that hard on my kids, I have to laugh as they say I was pretty hard on them, maybe that changed when bringing them up on my own. My philosophy with my son was you and your mates are going to choof you do it in the shed at least I know where you are and if needed I’m here Haha right or wrong, my daughter was in the same boat with her friends if you’re going to drink you do it here, I got to laugh all the other parents agreed with it, Mmm we ended up the party house of Denmark Haha I tried.

What forever way I brought the kids up, they show great respect for all ages younger or older than them, their attitudes are at such a great level – thankyou, may I, please are a huge part of their speech and this is getting past on to their kids, there was a day when I had my first bubs the realization of my up bring was then appreciated of my parent’s and the way they brought myself the sister’s & my brother was the right way where I could pass that down with watching it get passed down again.

Past or today…

As with any subject that involves kids, teens & young adults it can be a good point or one that is very critical on today’s society, as a parent you need to grow with the changes as your kids grow, doesn’t mean I like some of them but I have to look on with the changes adapt to them understand them to flow with or rebel against them. My daughter is learning the same, now I would say I’m far from being an old square, but I do believe In respect for all age groups, attitude towards the way ya live, manners go a long way in my book Mmm the old age is coming out Haha, a simple handshake as a greeting followed with the smile of please to meet, open a door for a lady, show women respect and many more little things that go towards appreciation of today’s society.

Now I certainly don’t criticize everything and everyone but I have got to say a lot of those small things is missing in so many ways, not with all in our society but with a good majority it is and not necessarily the young a lot around born in the seventies & eighties could look in the mirror to set a better standard for one to follow, but this a huge part of life, even been greeted when you walk into a store or shop has seen to go with the exit of the shop, it’s like why you hear – I remind them my shopping helps their wages – for whatever reason are we too busy or just don’t seem to care a fuck anymore on the simple things of life… for whatsoever it is this here to stay and being passed on down the line, we have just changed manners, attitude, respect in different turns is recognised and excepted the standards of living… So if it’s today’s or yesterday society it’s one that is here to stay and go on with for many more decades.

Give me the past compared to today’s ways with our thoughts, manners, respect, attitude is better or worse, a question that could bring plenty off for and against, I know what my thought is the old school is one that does not hurt anyone at all.

#Way Of Life…

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