Your worst thought off life…

If there was something that scared you what would it be…

We all have something that we are terrified, scared of, or just sends shivers down our spine, and it could be with nature, technology, freak accidents, maybe just old age but we all have our phobias within life. We as humans except for a few exceptions are scared of one thing or another. It can be death, fire, drowning bitten by a snake or spider, and many hosts of other things. For whatever it is being scared is a part of the human psyche, we are scared of things and situations for many reasons, we are even scared of the unknown.

we had a chat…

Every one of us in life has a phobia or is terrified of something that makes you pause, or just stop with everything you’re doing, for whatever it is we all have something large or small that scares us.

The kids and I had a chat on this subject and yes we’re all the same parr with a few things that worried us or scared us… being caught in a house or bush fire, drowning within the pool or ocean, trapped in your car of a nasty accident, free falling at a great height, we seem to be on the same thought as Parr.

One personal with each of us… Toots was something happening with the kids, or her not to be there with the kids every parent has that fear, I remember when the kids were young I had that same problem… Tex was trapped in a car… Wado was with heavy machinery, I can understand that when I worked up north had the same problem.

For me…

I say I’m not scared of death as it happens to the best of us, what’d like to do, is stay alive for as long as I can to watch the kids and grandkids grow in their life that would be good doesn’t matter if I’m all wrinkled and shuffled up, burnt no not for me or drowning, car accident no differently not. For me, it’s dying on my own that’s my biggest fear at the moment id hate the thought of not having a special lady to comfort me through my last breaths of life, but I feel it’s going to happen that’s what really scares me when you have been on your own for over twenty years it does not look good with that perspective Mmm pretty really, the other thing is the depression getting full hold of me I’m working for it not too but that’s a very thing in true reality.

A face of thought, deep thinking one-off that I have had a few times as I waited for the hospital in making some decision on my hip replacement, or is one-off depression for whatever it is I prefer the face of smile.

Life is very rewarding but challenging it can have its up and downs, and its thoughts of deep happiness, regrets, or what we don’t want to happen for whatever reason we all have a phobia of something in life.

#Way Of Life…


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