-a way of life –

I’ve made a few changes over the last week or so with different things I do and how I do it, id say one of the most important is my meals and what I put into this oversized body I call a man Lol… As I opened my eyes to the knock on the door Pop, Pop the little one Ava I thought scary but I did Haha let’s change my WordPress.com name one that made a bit more sense rather than telling everyone my age.

It was pretty easy when we look at it a lot of our lives are the way we do a lot of things and how we do it and the way our lives are, so it was easy and let us face it a change is good in so many variations of life… So now when you get a post it’s ( Way Of Life ) not ( lifeat63 ), I like the idea it’s more to life in general with many of our movements, thoughts, employment, family & friends, love another subject Haha, our living is the way of life.

There is only one way of life, and that is our Own…


Way Of Life…


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