Our Once Control – With In Life Is slowly Converting – In A New Direction…

Understanding the situation we are within life as the gender of being a human in society at this moment of life, It’s a well documented and a fact of life that we are fully ruled by the government, business, employment, and many more things with just every day living…Why do I say this and more so as I’m just your everyday average guy no one special…but I have thoughts, I have realized, and I’m at an age where I have seen so many changes of scenarios with our living.

On this one pole we can see how life would be and six of the most important issues that make our lives work, you take any of those directions at any time but they all add to the importance of the route you take, which carries on down to your kids, their kids and so on but to each and every person from whatever background or religion their our directions with living our lives.

I remember growing up as a kid my parents had their hard times and yes got months we’re they struggled but they coped and were happy with what was happening in life they all so had four kids to look after and bring up, and then it was my turn, through my teen years to young adult life was so good throughout the 70s, 80s and so on, yes we had rules with laws that we hat to oblige too like anyone would and have to… My Ex-wife and I followed those directions with that same pole and have taught our kids the six most important lines with our Journey in life.

The way I see it now all of that with our six directions is fully dictated every turn or line has changed and organized by one body and that’s our government, we are being instructed, commanded, and even given our directions with how we live in today’s society, everything that comes out of their mouths is very clear instructions of what we do, how we do it, time of doing it, setting dates with the mandate of conjunction that is clearly instructed on the do’s and dont’s with our everyday living, even with our young kids on their schooling a socializing, the five-year-olds are next on the list, I feel sad for we’re we are going but it’s reality owned by leads of one’s life.

Yes, whatever way I look at it, I don’t get the vacation life is going to be very difficult and I won’t have employment and not be able to use that pole and many other things I have had for 63 years, my kids and grandkids will find life hard but will adjust to it as they are growing into this shit that comes from a country that has no obligation to the pandemic throughout the world that has changed, destroyed, made lives miserable in so many ways to a lot of people with in the world of today.

The understanding of the Virus and what It can do is clear, it’s I have no choice If I’m asking the question what is the vaccination that I’m injecting into my body…It’s funny as a teen growing it was my choice that I didn’t inject HEROINE into me because I knew what it could do and the long-term effects it had on my life… Today no CHOICE and who cares about the long-term effects it could – have, could – have on my life.

I know my choice has been made for me and very clearly don’t get it your life is in trouble, so after the operation to seek employment or any payment of any sort I have to get vaccinated with a vaccination that does not even stop the virus if anything your at a higher risk of attracting it and still become very ill, now correction if that makes a lot of fucking sense get the injection and still get ill with the chance of after-effects in life.

I hear and see people at shopping centers or coffee shops or cafes put their sleeves up with – I did it for this state – my country- my kids – the importance of humans, that you have and that was your CHOICE, or you have been pushed into the panic button – pushed through your commitments of payments on your mortgage and living to keep your employment, for whatever reason it was and is, YOUR CHOICE, for me and thousands of others doesn’t matter what CHOICE’S are or my thought’s or asking the question and a simple one and that what am I putting into my body, I’m forced in doing so not by my CHOICE.

With our future in any part of the world, we have just had our lives dictated and pacifically instructed on the do’s and dont’s of the way, and how I live, see it or not every government throughout the world have seen and learned they can very much so control every movement we do, adjustments needed to do so, lock us in the confinement of our houses for month’s, control your accounts, control your health if need of any medical, or even to stay healthy with being in good body shape, we are being controlled with so much in the directions of our pole in our lives, it’s sad but this is the future of society with every New Strain That Comes With The Covid19 (Omicron) is the fourth of many to come with more controls, do’s and dont’s to follow.

I once could make a Choice to take a Chance, so my life could Change for the better or worse with life.

That Choice, with the Chance to Change my life for better or worse has been taken away from Life of no Choice of Mine.




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