A Week It’s Been…

I got at the hospital around 7.30am only three of us there, left at 11am there would have been any thing 70 upwards Mmm anwser to that one get there early pick the right time.

Enough is enough as the saying goes time to push it, so off I go to the Emergency Department Midland Hospital. Now being E.D waiting could be at a very very long wait so took along the Ipad set to go... You arrive at the main entrance and are greeted with a very warm smile with the question how can we help you today sir Mmm sir Me Hahaha, I fill that section of the form on to the receptionist, again very obliging, with patience followed with a smile, just take a seat Paul we will be with you soon, I sat down to put my bag in place, & then Paul would you like to follow me please the orderly said with a smile, 15 minutes and I’m in Mmm excellent not complaining believe me HahaI have to admit the process was very well efficient with a smile and so glad to help you attitude, excellent.

I was taken straight into a cubical and the nurse followed straight in introduced herself, listened to my details, now being the smart boy I am with that taken in 10 months of tests and results handed them straight over to her, she went through them thoroughly and then requested if she could go to the orthopedic specialist and chat with him, please do. Around 40 minutes later she reentered with, he has gone over them thoroughly, with this’ would you to like me to go to the physio department and have a chat with them, again around 40 minutes later with, been all organized for you. at the finish I’m getting two physio appointments weekly directly at the hospital and my case is being looked at in the top 5 of problems or critical situations to be done, the hospital will follow up in the next few days and confirm my bookings, i have to say what a great job that nurse had done, it took 3 hours but she really wanted to make sure that i was moving and in the right direction could not thank her enough with the effort and concern she had for me, i walked out with a bit of a relief and certanly a bit happer.

I have had a great week with this little got Pop wrapped around my little finger Haha she has been so much fun with her new words, little antics she does with the body language that follows with every sentence, been so good to be a part of her growing up, makes my day with the cuddle of one I get, pat on the back and yes Ahah Paul, Lol love it.

Kado gets in the pool with me when he’s home as being a water baby he loves it, the water proof camera is getting a hammer but all in good fun, and why not it takes great shots, it’s funny the conversation about girls comes up a fair bit now Haha I hear this from the mum and Nana don’t ask him Kaiden or Paul be gentle… all ways… Lol, he’s eleven Mmm go Kado.

I do the usual which is not much but I all so have the kids and grandkids around, and things are moving a bit better in getting the hip replacement done. The one thing I’m doing is getting set up to freelance blogs through a couple of companies so i can earn a bit of money through doing so, i have a few chatting to me at the moment, and I’m doing a program on writing books, so keeping the mind active and busy for me thats good with the depression as it hasent got time to think of the dark side Haha.

Wright at this moment as I write, the Imac is getting its full yearly service 232.00 dollars later but well worth it gets rid of any bugs or programs I don’t want and gives me more memories, the iMac will purposely be for blogs and the book only, see if I can make some money and if anything learns to be a good writer and blogger, the Macbook Air will be for emails and other small programs I do… so keep the brain active, keep me busy, help with the depression, get ready for the hospital, eat better meals and be happy the key for me over the next few months… Don’t worry, Keep active, Learn all the time, work on my options to earn a little bit of money, the important one Be Happy.

Have a Great day guys – stay safe – and be happy.


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