The Art Of Being The Best Grandad, Grandfather, Or Pop…

Again as I write this do I believe that I’m the best Pop or the great Pop, No I don’t as I’m learning every day with my two grandkids, we work together not that they know it, as I learn Of them and maybe teaching them with different things In life, with home life, listening and learning, the good and bad of the outside of the home, respect to all ages, have good morals with a great attitude in life, your mum and dad are your parents and they hold the key to the home and life discipline I just drop things in between and sometimes at the end.

It’s hard to believe that this little girl just melts me and she know’s that she has Pop rapped around her little finger, she stirs me and plays little tricks on me all ready…Haha Lol.

Now the little one calls me… Paul… Love it Haha.

When Tara had Kado 11 years ago she asked the question what do you want to be called dad as Grandad, Grandfather, grandpa, gramps, grandpappy or Pop, I went with pop grandad or any of those other gran words hat to go out the door as they make me sound too old I all ways looked at that word meaning you are really old, near the six-foot underground part of life. Kado as a little guy had a really good nature very quiet in ways, had cheekiness and the greatest laugh and smile, as he has grown he has got a wicked sense of humour, very witty, is clever and a very smart kid, around home very open and confindent outside the door quiet shy takes awhile to get to know other kids, to me he’s just the greatest kid and we have grown together with a great bond an friendship, for me it’s amazing to have such a great friend at the age difference of 52 years we understand each other and know each others moods and personallities love it so much to have such a great bond with this little guy.

Kado Is 11 going on 20 very street smart in ways he knows what goes on, loves sports, being outdoors, enjoys conversation on many subjects especially life which is good for a young boy going into his teens, he would be my best little mate.

Eighteen months ago a long come this little girl and one as she grows has showen how much life a two foot human has and can do. I call her the little tornado when she spots and opening with a draw or cubbard open things fly, but does it with such personallity it’s hard to correct her for me anyway Haha see I’m the Pop that keeps out of correcting unless necessary I’m the good Pop Haha, when Ava wants my attention she will say untill i answer Pop, Pop, Pop etc etc then when I do she just laughs and tells me In her way whats happening, she plays little pranks on me, stirs me allready and spends a lot of time with me which I love haven her around, I call Ava, Bubs with that Its funny if I call her Ava dosen’t answer me I call her Bubs we are communicating straight away Lol, makes me work for her attention Mmm got ya Pop.

I have found when you bring up your kids you find it’s one of the most learning issues of life, with being a single parent i hat to learn a lot more, in some ways had Wade first then Tara three years later, the difference with bringing up the boy girl thing was challenging and especially going into their teens.

One thing that I noticed I was harder on Wade Than Tara she got away with a bit more than he did, but his situation’s he created we’re more serious because as he got older the punshment got harder more so from the law of society, where Tara was more she could have got hurt or hurt someone else, but in saying that they we’re great kids just full of mischief and curious what they could do and couldn’t, both wanted to be outdoors more than In, with surfing, fishing, camping, hoarse riding, sports, and bush walks, we we’re lucky as living In a seaside country town made life so good for the young to grow up.

I find now with many years of experience I can say that, as Tara is still with me her husband and two kids, Wado saids he dosen’t live here but seems to be here every seven days his home from his swing I don’t mind love haven my son home with me even though his hard work Haha… You can find you have so much experience to offer an hand down to your grandkids which is good life experience’s with school, work, sports, everyday living, the great thing my daughter and her husband are on the same par as me, respect to all ages and things of their owenership, to have a great attitude towards life dosen’t matter which part of that occurs in life, the manners and speech towards their parents an adults they are doing a great job I just throw my two cents in sometimes.

So why do I feel I’m a good Pop, I learn and teach, enjoy them being around, understand them at any of their growing age, appreciate them, show them respect and have a great attitude with them. It’s funny they know when to keep away from me knowing that time is there to do so, I dont do it offen but I do get my days but for a short period of time. I let them have their fun with me and Kado who give’s me some shit sometimes, all in fun but it shows he has great character in him, Bubs just goes in my room when the door is opend throw’s every thing around hide’s my glasses or runs of with my keys with the laugh and smile where I just cant yell at her Haha… females wrap you around their little finger from the day they are born, her mother did it Haha.

The great thing is I can hand the kids back too mum anytime and just go out with out worring about packing bags, Ill say we go on drives, picnics, movies and festivals many of outings as a family which I think is so good that I get on with the kids and grandkids and we enjoy each other’s company, but the main one for me is being able to have a great relationship with the grandkids, learning off them, being able to teach different things with them, appreciation & respect for who they are, so what class would i be rated at, I’m not puting tickets on myself but pretty good, and i feel lucky to be and have a great friendship as a lot of grandparents wouldn’t get to experience that with theirs – as I’ve said before it’s not all ways the materials of life that makes it so wondefull it’s what you have a round you that makes life so good.

It is a great part of life being a grandparent… or to me just being Pop.


As my friend Sandra saids… life is so good being a grandparent.

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