What Is The Emotion Of Sadness…

It’s a word that means so much and is with Sadness a major part of peoples lives through out Australia & the World.

Sorrow, dejection, depression, despair, broken heart are just some of the words that are more of today’s life, with the way we live the way society is and the pressure of all the new difficulties that are brought into our lives.

I talk a lot about Happiness but we have to remember it’s not happening for everyone and that word of Sadness applies to all ages from as young as infants to adults, the teens, and young adults suffer more from the burden of depression and sadness, sometime throughout our lives we all experience emotional pain, the feeling of being a disadvantage, the loss of family or friend, the thought of disappointment, for whatever reason the conjunction of living today brings a lot of dolors, anguish can bring the emotions of unhappiness into our lives…

S.A.D. = Is short for Seasonal Affective Disorder, that would be the terminology when people find it bitterly cold throughout winter or wet season with the feeling of being locked up not being able to move out of the house, I would say the terminology more today would be Yearly Affective Disorder as the pressure of life is greater more now than it has ever been with this it affects all ages.

Sadness can be brought down with the family, and that happens a lot today we’re families just don’t communicate or haven’t seen each other for years, my parents suffered it for years and now we’re my brother’s wife and daughter’s hate to mum an dad with a passion is sad, mum was heartbroken for a long time dad was so sad to think that it had got to this and the major problem was no one knows why and what for but both have the thought their loss and take it with a grain of salt, I see my brother once every two or three years, I have tried so many times to make contact and see how we can sort it out, his happy the way it is, we speak with respect when we bump into each other don’t ask any questions, for me Mmm life is short and am I losing sleep or get sad over it, no fucking way I have more to worrie about like if my little mate still rises every morning Haha all jokes aside I have my family to look after thats important to make sure they are going forward and their happy with whats happening in their lives.

Like I said Sadness is an emotion we can all experience some time in our lives, it can lead to depression if we can’t control it as I have and are experiencing in my life, it’s been up and down or just a minimum or been very strong where I lock myself up in my room or as I call it the ( bat cave ) Believe me when I say I’m no hero but I work hard with it, I’ll write a list of good things in my life and bad things combine them with working on to how to improve the bad how to enjoy the good, slowly the bad improve, but it be set off with bad thoughts, stress or for me loneliness is a big one, without trying it can be added Lol Haha health problems can come from no we’re ( hip replacement ) which follows cant work = no money = still got to pay the bills = brings in depression Lol Haha

For Me…

I’m Strong Minded. I Have A Beautiful Soul. I Am Resilient. I Am Loved. I Am Cable Of Anything. I Am Not Defected. I’m Certanly Not Werid. I’m Not A Lost Cause. I’m Not Different. I Have Family & Friends. My Music Is A Key. Don’t Care What People Think Off Me.


Write a list of you and your feelings, be honest about your feelings, understand why you have written this list, short and sweet, read the list every now and then especially when feeling down, listen to music not heavy but music that can bring in happy thoughts and one of your enjoyment, have good friends and family around you.

Remember no storm not even the one in your life, last forever. The storm is just passing over.


Look at things that bring sadness into your life as a good thing because it brings experience to your life.


6 responses to “What Is The Emotion Of Sadness…”

      • How easy or hard it is for you when you meet someone for the first time to understand the tides of the emotional ocean one has, if you can have understand the intensity of high tide or low tide definitely you have a coach inside you .::a coach is who holds the battery and slowly change the focus and continually ask is it something you are looking for ? I can feel the coach inside your blog

      • Thank u so much for that CoachKanika much appreciated, it’s something I love doing with all ages I was a mentor an sports coach for over thirty years I like the idea of going to another level
        Thank u

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