The Importance Of Being Happy…

The Simple Things Can Bring A Smile To Your Face.

This little girl brings a smile to me every day.

In today’s world, it is important to look at the quality of some happiness, life is shorter than we think where you don’t want to live it being miserable or feeling shoddy every day. Can we show our feelings or pleasure being content in life is this what we look for just being content?… For me the simple things can put a smile on my face, the knock on the door at 6.30am the opening with this little smile of happiness (Pop) its, going into the kitchen with Ava and the Ora of happiness with my daughter and Kado just makes ya feel good even if I had a bad night with my hip, and then they’re off all chatting laughing radio going Ava smiling it’s pretty good.

Besides Making Us Feeling…

About ourselves, happiness is a positive emotion that can drive our ambitions, it can make us feel healthier, be more productive throughout the day, with the feeling of every day in reaching our full potential in life, it’s not something we find outside of ourselves it is within us but it’s our choice as well.

For sure I can’t walk around 24 hours a day just fucking smiling I don’t think too many people do or can but I can just feel good in myself and understand that it’s ok. Even though there are some pretty bad things happening around Australia and the world followed by just as bad members of humankind, but we just take 5 minutes out to see what is around us and how good it can be.

This is so simple but puts a smile on ya face for sure.

The secret with life and being happy is accepting where you are and making the most of every day, You don’t need much really very little in need to make a happy life it’s all within ourselves, I know I’m a professional with this as certainly not rich far from it ( around 50 miles Haha ) just got the minim in life as material things, but with what I have and what’s around me I feel I’m ok and yes would say pretty happy.

They are so good these guys are always happy Mmm well most of the time Haha.

Happiness is not having what you want, It is appreciating what you have.

Happiness is not something ready – made, It comes from our owen actions.

Sure happiness is something we can not travel to nor be worn, owned, earned or even consumed, happiness is the spiritual experience of living with every day, every minute and gratitude of what we have and the surroundings that are with us as in family, friends, not in another place but this place.

At the moment for me to be happy I don’t dwell in the past ( fuck no haha ) don’t try to worry too much about the future we should take every day as it comes certainly learnt that in life, what I try to focus on even when the dark side of depression comes to visit every now and then, I keep my focus on living the present and the art of learning how to get Joy within your life.

With this work hard and don’t give up hope your ambitions, dreams or goals, be open to criticism as you will never please everyone, Keep learning all the time from the big to the small never stop learning ( remember when you stop learning your Dead ) to finish with being happy, surround yourself with genuine, warm, happy people, it all so never goes out of style.

As I get older Just waking up every day is another good day and makes me very happy Lol.


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