Start Of A New Week…

The Long Road Ahead…

We all have directions with a path on the road to follow, or sometimes it’s a road that is front of you for challenges that are made to conquer or full fill to complete. Again I have this road to follow and it’s straight forward no hills, bumps, or bends just straight ahead, but one that is going to take a while to accomplish, just through patience and some hard work mentally with persistence, I’m just waiting on a date to get the hip replacement and then follow with the recovery, with the art of managing my account to get through this long process Haha challenges.

Day By Day, Week By Week...

My day starts with a good wake up coffee and then thoughts of my day followed up with checking the diary for the daily plan with anything that needs to be entered, working out the financial side of accounts and what I have for the week that would be the most challenging one at the moment. I try not to plan too far ahead as it can change rapidly in a blink of an eye, the only thing I’ll put in ahead is the appointments with the specialist and sometimes they change, but with not working all schedules stay as they are…Only lately I seem to be more constant with blogs I put that down to being a little bit bored, more time to think, and keeping the head active but in saying all that helps me with so many things and it’s good to write a learning procedure for every time I write can all ways learn.

The Thoughts Of thoughts…

It’s scary but Lately, I’ll try not to think too hard about the good or bad, yes I do contemplate what’s ahead & how to manage it. You find when we have depression it’s not a good thing to think too deep or the bad that’s happened or maybe in front of you, right at this moment just waiting on money going into the accounts so I can tidy up due and overdue accounts, with that not much you can do just have patience and let the companies know when the money goes into the account it will be fulfilled Hahaha. You know as ya get older you know perfectly what to say line by line your not lying to them it’s called just being honest with many years of experience.

I have found over the years to keep a lot of your receipts until you get confirmation that the account is finished depends on the size it could be a while. I all so have learned when your working on a structure with an account… have your dairy in front of you, to ask and write down who you are talking to, the date, time of the call, the arrangements that have been made, even ask them to read it back as it should be on your file in front of them, I do this through bad experiences that have come back to bite me, now I’m pretty much covered as I do it clockwork it’s a way to make sure all ways covered.

I say the most important part of the day too stay positive at most times, enjoy the company with the right people around you, understand where you are and what’s needed, for, I try to keep a pretty clear head and look at the good things to come out of every situation put in front of me.

Enjoy every day as it comes.



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