It’s Such A Mix Of A Yarn, World Wide – Covid19…

I Just Finished Reading The Different Comments On The Covid19 With Readers On WordPress…Mmm Interesting If Any thing.

I was quite shocked by the different consultations with the Covid19…

There seem to be so many different theories on the covid19, well I should say different ways and our beliefs in the Virus, with some believing that by getting the injections that you will not receive the virus your safe free…there are a lot believe that we should get the vaccine, with no problem there everyone has there beliefs and know what they want and need… then we have the not getting the vaccine because of different ways with their living and like me not sure of what’s going into our bodies, for whatever the reason I read between the lines all governments only see one thing… and that pushes the vaccine, get the shots and your safe free, Its good to see that most politicians throughout the world are on the same par ( Can not be honest or tell the good & bad of both sides of the Virus ) with that In Australia we are getting told no Vaccine No Job, No life really as we will be banned and stopped from just about everything in life.

More studies are needed on the virus more information is needed, more truth from the government bodies worldwide, especially the World Health Organization.
Has to be a question asked many times, from what I read and see around the world it’s only going to get worse, not better for many years to come.
It’s a pandemic that affects the whole world as we are going into our 4th hit of the virus throughout Europe and other countries are being affected by it as well.

As we all know there are a lot of conspiracies over the Covid19 from a good way to evaporate the overpopulated world we live in, to structure with the ( New World Order ) Turn us Into a Communist world for whatever reason the World Body Of Governments needs to be accountable in so many ways. For whatever reason with the virus It’s happening, what we need to do as humans…look after your selves your families our kids of the future, do what we believe In or against the vaccine but have our beliefs not be dictated and bullied into getting or not haven the vaccine but do what you feel is the right thing for you and that of around you, be prepared for a long constant fight with this virus, try and be positive that the virus and the shit that goes with it will come to an end someday and we are walking out as nations of the world.


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