My Rights As A Human Being With thoughts An Beliefs Are Going…

I’m writing this with sadness and really don’t understand in some ways. Yes, it’s to do with the Covid19… I understand what is happening and what the Viris can do, I do know that the vaccination is on the gender, but I’m hesitant, and for good reasons why when top professors on different Vaccination throughout the world are telling you that there are and can be some very strong repercussions through the Jab, I do understand that only a majority few are haven problems after their needles but It’s happening.

The Right’s For Free Speech…

I’m a man who is 63 years old and have always had an opinion and a voice on different matters that have occurred in my life, I was one of those young guys that fought for better work agreements, better safety, and for sure better wages, well through that period, we had a right to voice and vote for what we believed was the right thing to be in a better workplace and environment. I’m not to argue with everything and anything at all but I like to voice my opinion… These days if you voice your opinion It can cause an uproar especially when it comes to the Covid19, just ask one of my sister’s, Haha, we all have an opinion but we should be able to voice your feelings If It’s done correctly, Lol go on F.B Or Instagram any social media It’s like you just killed 20 people You get hammered and not In a good way either, or even around shopping centers and any we’re public come to think of it. It can be bigger than any controversial decision made by an AFL umpire Lol… I might even get hit for writing this blog but I need to say how I feel on the subject right or wrong.

The Punshment Ahead For Not Complying To The Covid19 Jab…

I live In Australia the country of free speech and living, of course, we have rules and laws we have to obey with and understanding the need to live in a safe country and home for your family and friends...

But this is where it gets interesting and the laws have been passed in the upper house and are now legislation that has been billed and passed.

Ok, I’m not 100% on the Jab as It just seems that this Covid19 Antivirus Injection can be created with In months were so many other vaccinations throughout time and the world takes years sometimes decades to formulate but not the Pfizer – Moderna and the Janssen bang they are here and let’s not forget the booster that just makes me think a bit.

The repercussion of the fine that I’m looking at, is as follows… The JJ No Jab No Job Lossing my MediCare Card for 12 months, and Centrelink payments towards my rent. Lossing my driving license for 6 to 12 months... Can not go to any Retail Store’s at all, Theaters of any Sort, Gyms, AFL, Or any big sporting event, bars, or coffee shops, nothing at all basically that is just your everyday living. Now, this is being passed and has been from the 17/11/21 – a $20.000 dollar fine or 6 to 12 months imprisonment... Can Have The Right’s to freeze your bank accounts. They are putting it through Upper House where they can knock on your front door with force to give you the Jab, it will be passed with in the future you can see that happening.

I just watch on Youtube we’re in the lakeside shopping center they are taking in 14 years old and up from schools with a consent form that the student has signed not the parent, to have the Jab, the student only needs to sign it for permission. As a parent and more now a granddad that is a major concern to feel that the parent has no right to see that it’s what their son or daughter wants, that’s so wrong, there is no way my grandson will be signing that form.

There Has To Be A Concern Some Where Along The Line With This Madditory Law That Are Being Passed.

So for me down the line I have no choice but to get the Jab… but I’m going to keep holding back until I really think of getting the Jab, not because I’m arrogant or feel I’m better than everyone else, no It’s because I feel there has to be something in getting it forced on to you and I mean forced literally If you don’t do it your life is Fucked and you face hefty fines or imprisonment on top of that they will hold you down to give you the injection.

There Has To Be Something WRONG HERE.

The part that gets to me it does not cure you or stop you from getting the virus even with the booster shot, no your still a carrier and could end up in intensive care with haven both injections and the booster, so why are we getting something that does not cure you or stop you from contacting the virus… The argument is you won’t die but you still are a carrier and could end up intensive care… I do know if you do not get the vaccination you could end up in the same way.

My problem is the force being used to get the Jab and the way they are using that force and know what they are doing to get the kids off today getting the shot, It Is not right at all my human and equal rights are being stripped away from me and my kids, we have no say or right on any constitutions as a human being, it has to make you think and ask the question is this Covid19 so bad we have to go to this extreme, we didn’t do it with the Bird flu – Pox – Aids – or any other diseases throughout time but we are with Covid19. Got to be more to it really does.

I know there will be no choice down the line sooner or later it won’t matter what or how I feel but It won’t stop me from believing that there is something really fucking wrong here to use such force on to a person that his or she believes in not because they are definite or just telling the system it’s not happening Its because as a kid I never put something into my body if I had no information on or knew it could have repercussions down the line that as a human and the right to try to look after me and my believes have and are going by the thirty first of January 2022.



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