Photos That Create Your Journey Through Life…

1960… Two years of age with my first true mate ( Rover ) apparntley we we’re all ways together.

Life can offer so much, one of them is memories with the great bond of friendship, and the direction with the right friends.

1963… At the cute age of 6… so innocent of what is ahead of me in life…

I have had so many changes in life as I have grown, the good thing is as you grow into age we have these memories that make life, as ( I call it the jigsaw puzzle to life ) hopefully I have many more to add to the ones that have taken me this far in where I am today.

Sometimes or Somewhere in life, the dark side appears… It’s how we work with it to change it, or how we adjust to make it a part of life.

Age is not a barrier when it comes to the strong bond of true friendship.

Family is so important to me in Life, we have the good, the up and down of any family, with this we become very strong with the every day of living, and understand what is needed to become a great family.

People come and go through out your life, friendship is made but the true friends are the one’s that go with your life journey and are still there to be called a true mate.

Photos do tell a story some we love some we don’t want to remember but for what ever reason they tell a story… To me I have so many stories ones that I love, Ones that may ask me a Question, Ones that bring a tear to the eye, Ones that bring sadness through a loss of a friend through my journey, but for what ever that story is they can live for every year of your journey and beyond.


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