F@@K Me = Got To Laugh…

Why is the question do You say ( Fuck Me ) easy answer just look at our health system where it is at the moment, I had not realized how bad it was or the situation it was in until needing medical my self as a major operation. My Monday was very average as it was through the government hurdles and political crap I have to go through just for some support, so I thought you know ( what thought-thought ) it will get better ( maybe I shouldn’t think ) When I walked into seeing the specialest the receptionist greeted me with a great smile Hello Paul followed through with a chuckle, I smiled back with Oooo you have missed me she just burst into a laugh… In case you wondering, where is this going, well for some unknown reason the receptionist and the doc think I’m a really funny guy why I got no idea Lol.

Let’s get back to the main issue here which is a ( fucked health system ) so my doctor has been sending me to a specialist that specializes in skin diseases and Arthritis he was very good but what I needed was an orthopedic surgeon… so now I have to be booked into one and that is a waiting list off 3 months before I get a consultation Haha Lol got to have a laugh seriously, I use to ask the question why am I here to see the specialest at $270.00 a visit followed by an Intra-articular Injections or commonly know as a Cortisone at $35.00 so five visits at $1,525.00 to be told I need to see an Orthopedic surgeon Haha Lol.

Now, this is where it becomes so interesting and I’d say a bit confusing or puzzling as I look at it to make it hard to get back been healthy… Now I have health insurance but only pay $70.00 a fortnight = $140.00 a month = $1680.00 a year how dare you pay so little I should be scandalous for paying so little into my health insurance. So I spoke to this lovely lady today and this is what I’m looking at.

I have been with this company for 5 years where I have contributed $8,400.00 you cheap person Haha… I have to do an update and up my premium, after going through the protocol and which comes into my age bracket of 63 now that can be a problem age but let’s move on… Fortnightly payment is $127.00 = Monthly $254.00 = Yearly $3048.00 with an excess of $500.00 on top to be paid before the procedure… Now, this is where it gets interesting O by the way that’s called the ( Delux Silver Cover ) Lol now I really don’t see anything Delux with that.

Now with the payment I have been making can come into an issue = to behold another issue so this is what is called ( an Ethic of a branch of moral issues that must be addressed in different fields for human affairs ) for me when I update my premium it will go into the hands of the ( Insurance Surgeon Specialist ) he will analyze the form to see if it was a medical problem before the procedure of the new contract if so I will go to a 12-month waiting list before I’m covered to have the Operation… now this was because I went to the doctor 6 months ago for a consultation as I had a problem that was occurring in and out of this well preserved fat body… To get this confirmed I have got to be in the ( Delux Silver Cover ) for two months and then I take the forms to the surgeon to confirm that yes you will have to wait 12 months before he can operate… Here is another interesting part Just say I hear that a full hip replacement is around 15 to 25 thousand if that doesn’t fall into the category I could pay 5 to 10 thousand of that bill again this gets called by the Insurance Surgeon Specialist so I did the wrong thing got a consultation I should have waited until I read google and new what I had and then updated with 3 months down the track ring and say I think I have a hip problem I have, I have got a hip problem Lol Moossaaa.

At the moment I believe that our lives are somehow illusory and that fiction and reality are closely intertwined with our lives seriously when we look at the reality of life it’s been made to be harder and harder to be healthy, avoid the Covid19, pay ya bills and just be happy, the illusory of this we just want to be happy and live an easy flowing life sounds simple but it’s not… I got to face the fact that this is going to be a fight but yes I’m going to give them a fight by looking for a better answer to this issue and a better alternative, I understand I could very much end back where I started but at least give it a go I have a few days to look at this and see the better way… my daughter looks at me this morning dad are you ok ( this why I’m such a great specimen of a human being known as a man Lol ) Tara there people so worse of than me at least I have you, Tex, Wado the grandkids and my parents with the support in trying to get on top of this with a roof over my head no money but I’m ok… she looks at me with this look dad sometimes I wonder about you… All said you have to look at this with there is an answer maybe not the one you want, look at every alternative to the issue, be positive and stay happy with a smile = off It’s all good.

Age Can Be A Barrier. We are told it’s not But today pure an simple No Illusory or Fiction The Reality, to enjoy the age of Life It Is Very Much So.



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