An Understatement Off A Quote… Lol…

I know sarcasm will get me to know we’re but really ( Life Is Not Meant To Be Easy ) Mmm how true if you put anything in the hands of the Government yes our might of Australia. Now I have applied for some assistance with a few things to help me out while I get this hip done… ( wait a minute you want to rob a bank, your asking for 1 million dollars, that’s my money your asking for how dare you ) that’s how it feels really does.

Over the weekend filled in a lot of paperwork sent it off today hat to follow up with a phone call… Ok, this is how it goes… I have applied for rent assistance Haha I do get the assistance it just pays the rent nothing else, and I applied with my super to draw some money out to get me through the next 4 months… I have been knocked back as it goes ( i need to be on disabilities for 26 weeks, I need to have not one cent to my name, I need to apply for hardship but I might not be at that level ) and their other things the crack up, I can’t walk well, sit, stand, or lay down well not for long before moving I have to apply for work through the system, I was thinking about applying for a labour job on a jack hammer or digging trenches for 2 Ks Haha.

The lady was really nice not her fault, suggestons that i need to do, apply to food bank, salavation army, get sickness benfit card, tell synergy and alantia and give them my card number, and except the fact that the car might be going bye bye as i have only a few payments to go… so on the phone to lick dot an keep the car Lol. This would be the best Monday Lol… I’m just waiting for a repersentive from ATO to ring me Ahah another Goverment body and tell me what i can do and can’t it will be interesting any way see what happens.

The hurdles you need to jump and the rig merole you have to go through just for some support i mean really you have only payed tax for 48 years how dare you Haha… Woossaaa Woossaaa Woossaaa Haha Lol thats the way I’m looking at it just fingers to ear lobes close the eyes and Woossaaa, one thing i can say life is a challenge in so many ways it’s the way we handle these suitations that are put up in front of us… At least i’m going to see the specialest to get my results and see what happens now, it is well documented the waiting list for public hospitals 12 too 18 months to go through private for hip around 20 thousand too 25 Hahha Woossaaa or other opp Mmm not sure Haha Woossaaa well my life is ok compared to other’s as i finish with a smile and look at the wall in front even though you have hit it in a big way life will get better be positive and smile.

Monday Smile is all ways needed.


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