The Very Early Coffee – Lol…

The great mind thinks, so what you do when you can’t sleep and the pain just won’t go away get up and have a coffee… Yes, 4.30 am and I’m up… Now as we all know when you are up so early and have a toddler around and you’re a fat one Haha walk around like Jesus so quiet and peaceful more so the bark of Tara at that time in the morning is not worth it… even though it will be only a couple of minutes don’t want to upset mum.

Where we live you get quite a good view of the hills to the East, as the kettle is boiling I look out the window to see that the morning twilight is emerging Mmm haven’t done that for a while watching the daybreak, so the coffee and I merge out to the front to watch the sunrise over the hills, boy it’s so peaceful listening to the birds in our front trees with a light early morning mist the dampens of freshness, just for that minute I look and feel… Wow, another day and I’m really glad to be out here even if it’s only for a few minutes this is ok.

Time decides who you are in life, Your heart decides who you want in Life, and your behavior & attitude decides who stays in your life.


The way I approach this hip thing is different from a week ago or 3 days ago… yes I picture myself walking around it must look like I have a massive carrot wedge up the butt to the left side as i favour that side more as I walk, It’s funny you know in the urban area of the city people try and go around you or commonly known as avoid you they notice something is not right but get around as quickly as possible so to annoy them I say good morning have a good day don’t get many replies Haha… I mean that fucking old fat guy was friendly how dare him what’s it coming to Haha… And yet one thing with working up North everyone looks out for you to make sure you’re safe… in 200 yards Id say 20 workers would have stopped for me that morning are you ok mate do you need some help or do you want me to get Medic, maybe because we’re all up there for the same thing but it’s a good thing if something serious happened to you up In the Pilbara you could be In a lot of trouble, so it’s really a great thing we look after each other, and we even acknowledge each other as we pass each other, maybe we do it because we know it does not happen much at home Lol.

I’m so thankfull for all those difficult people I see in life, they have shown me Exactly who I do not want to be.


One day try a little experiment It does cost anything, I do with my grandson and daughter when we go shopping or major stores as you walk past people and you have eye contact say good morning or how are you or a simple Hello and see how many responses you get… see when I was a young fellow it was courtesy and respect you would answer with a smile good thank you or a simple thank you, and when you stopped to chat or meet a friend in a coffee shop it was greeted with the handshake ( what’s that a handshake shown respect Mmm ) or a lady would give you a soft cuddle with good morning how is your day going this does not happen too much now, us older generation still do, Kado laughs at me Pop no one wants to say hello when the odd one does he goes Pop did you see that Hahaha the changes of life... the generation off today stop in front of each other and then Tex (hey) and sit across from each other with texting the day’s agenda… what we have eye contact and chat, giggle, laugh, show facial expressions ( Fuck That ) this can not happen i wouldn’t know what to say Lol Haha and we wonder why we are we’re we are today.

I would like to say one of the great things and you notice us older guys with kids and have a brain bring our kids up differently these days but with good morals in life… Wade and Tara show a lot of respect to all ages same with Tex and enjoy the handshake with eye contact and a chat, Kado is a bit shy but he acknowledges with the shake and asks how are you might not be too much more but it’s there… you know it’s ok to be friendly just give a smile as ya walk past don’t have to chat it shows people that today and life is ok to enjoy it.

Life Is Given You A Test That Teaches You A Lesson.


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