I’m Good…

On my way to pick up my documents bearing the pain of driving and hoping no one brakes quickly in front Lol… I was at the thought of really your not too bad and I say that as a couple of mates have bigger problems than me… A good mate of 40 years Pole has ( Motor Neurone Disease ) he has had it around two years but deteriorating really quick in that short time he’s in a wheelchair lost his speech can only communicate by texting and really can’t do much without support…but his attitude is an amazing peace of a human being, just recently he raised money for the disease by wheelchair parachuting Rasied over $15,000 what a great effort and a amazing attitude towards a diease we’re he knows that he is dying to him every day is a great day.

My other is not so bad off but has stomach problems and just been hit with a 30 odd thousand bill from child welfair from a son he has seen once in 22 years thanks to the mother is so well off in life, and yet we call him Sir King as no stress about no remorse with her and the son of no desire to see his dad and yet he is such a great human being, Matt or commonly known as (father Matt) is the one i helped on the streets with the homless a few years ago what a great person, he has such a great and positive attutide towards all of this what a great person and man I’m so glad that those guys are close to my family and me in life.

What have i got to complain about, really fuck all ok I’m in constant pain 7 x 24 Oooo as Kado saids man up Pop Haha but really nothing as I know that in 3 months or close Ill be back on my feet we’re as Pole is looking at organising different things one’s that most dont look foward too especially at 63 but wow if you met him in walking away from him you would wonder were he gets his possive attitude and Matt it’s just a pinch of salt in life, maybe i should man up Lol Haha i have In one way my little mate has woke up every morning for the last 3 days… I can hear you laughing Sandra Haha a man thing in life.

Smile It dosent hurt spread the disease.

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