Little Things That Work…

If I was to say I had a really bad night would be an understatement for sure it would be one of the worst I have had for a while just couldn’t sleep at all finally around 3.30am awake to the call of Pop Pop around 6.30am Hahaha good morning little one how can ya be pissed of when there is this smile beaming just so happy to see ya…

While I was just laying there like it or not you think a lot about what’s happening and what you can do, for me it’s was getting up with a smile even though you know your struggling, Tara has such a great early morning personality full of laughter with the kids and all ways happy hasn’t changed all ways been like this since a little girl sparkles it’s a good thing that’s what makes this house is the attitude of creating a good atmosphere around the house.

I’m changing a few things for me which will help with the recovery ahead, my diet is one obviously being fat and looking like a baby hippo on heat is not a good thing and not helping the cause carrying extra weight… I have lost 7 kilos but a long way to go and my little mate is sick of the shade Hahaha… It’s not much but doing a bit of stretching mainly the top half as can’t do too much when comes to the hip down but it is a start. So really comes down to changing your bad habits into good ones, going outside, and realizing this is going to be a good day so enjoy it, I spend some time with Tumer the dog he is so gentle and loving I reckon if he could talk he would be an interesting dog looking forward in taking him for walks spending a bit more time with him.

To Change My Life I must first change my habits.


Your life dosesn’t get better by chance. It gets better by Change.

As to be expected you get what we call bills and they keep coming, what I’m doing very gracefully ring and explaining my situation and working out in a peaceful manner how to sort these little matters on a company agreement, I have to say a few of these operators feel I owe them the money Haha they will learn…I say which would be an understatement that most people most stressed in life is their bills Haha so for me I know they are there but need to look at a way it can be fulfilled it will just take a bit of time may be a long time Haha… You could call it good news or bad but the superannuation company understood my situation and come to the party filling all the paperwork into day and a representative is going over it with me tomorrow, Mmm means more money out of it and more years of work ahead fuck ill be 90 times I retire at least my mind will be very functional no Alzheimer’s for me Lol.

They say that practice is not the thing you do once you are good at it, it’s the thing we do that makes us good, I put myself in a good position I always talk about it so beneficial in what I say, understand It’s the making of you to be a better person within yourself and the outside of me as well can this be a bad thing no way truly a positive way of taking on the challenges put in front of me with a little spread of people around me. Yes, one of the keys I look at with this — age is not a barrier with the opportunity to tune up in different ways of life… yes I cant run 10 Ks anymore or kick a football 50 Yds or even have sex for 10 hours Haha glad I’m so modest god I Crack me sometimes… the good thing is my mind is working in with me on the big change is my ATTITUDE yes depression is still around me, but the positivity of working to get on top of it needs for me to have a different outlook on it, can I say in the last few days I can feel a few changes are happening for the better ( positive work is good work ) We do underestimate the power of the mind that can be for the better way to take your life In a new direction in going forward for the better of you.

I like to finish off with once throughout the day just stop for a few seconds look around take a deep breath, even if you are at a job that does not seem to go anywhere but pay the bills or not in the right accommodation for whatever life has with you and just see what we have is ok, you might be in a position with what you have is sensational couldn’t be any better for whatever it is… Just enjoy the day take them as they come, to smile around people is such a good thing it’s one of the best diseases to spread, remember to change your life it comes within you to make that change… be happy with yourself and enjoy who you are… Can I say I’m not perfect in any way at all, it just takes 63 years to understand who I am, what I need to do to make me a better person, how I can enjoy what I have, You can not please everyone around you but the ones that want to be around you that Is a good thing… It’s better to love than hate… have a great attitude… be positive with whatever challenge is coming your way in life.


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