Bite The Bullit…

In the last few days, I wake up with the thought of being positive even though I know I’m in for a bad day… just with every movement that you do to get around. It takes a while to get out of bed, funny a simple thing takes around five minutes to line up the floor and swing the legs around and then the big one to stand Hahaha that’s a big one followed by the first movement walking Lol there the day starts…Lol.

There’s no reason to look back when you have so much to look forward to.

So with this, I stay positive for the day I know what I’m in for and what I have to do, I try not to do too much keep minimum movement as I can… Right at this moment I’m fighting with the Superannuation company Haha it’s funny I ask the girl was taking the money of her direct because that’s how it feels… After that have another MRI scan to go to now this is a challenge on its own, our driveway is very steep so it’s a very slow process and art at keeping good balance Lol, then the big one because I have a ute it’s quite a drop to the seat because there low to the ground, Hahaha door wide open legs sideways and together swing in and wait for the pain I’m in Haha and then the drive is another story a mission Mmmm I hope that I don’t have to break Haha.

What’s done is done, whats gone is gone whats happening is happening one of life lessons is look forward & stay positive to move on.

So the day is coming to an end still has some challenges ahead for the day cooking, doing a few odd jobs and then the last one is sleep, you wouldn’t think it would be but it is a big one every movement in bed could be bad so it takes a while to find where I best comfortable before I fall asleep but we move through the night when I do bang im awake with an instant pain in the hip and leg, as I lay in bed now the thought is just moving around until in place and will do it again very soon Hahaha… so I look at all this for the day that’s it’s a challenge but one of the biggest I have had as in the body and yes shouldn’t be too many best scenario 2 weeks worst a month but I’m fucking ready for it positive in going forward so bring it on Hahaha Mmm not really Lol.

Tough times don’t Last, Tough people do.

I’d like to think I am Lol.



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