The Happiest People Don’t Have The Best Of Everything…They Just Make The Best Of Everything.

If you were to look at the more of a true statement would be that, it’s one of the hardest to accept in life as most of us would like to feel that we had more as in, our living the way we live and what we live with. I feel personal about what I do is take a step back and look at what I have and haven’t with the realization I’m not too bad compared to a lot of people around the world. I all so look at what I have created in life and that’s an easy one Two great kids and Two great-grandkids, as in material things I have the basics…The Car decked out bedroom with 80 inch Tv, sound system, really good computer set up, cupboards, lounges, with most the material of living. What haven’t I got is a three-bedroom house, a Mercedes or a Porch, gold rings and watches, 500 dollar suits, and much more, I wouldn’t say that I wouldn’t want that it would be good to live well above where I am now but would I be happy is the big question.

Like I said and to be honest yes it would be nice to live at really a great level… Pay your bills without working out what I have what I can spend and what I have for the next week Lol, that would be different. Go shopping without feeling guilty about what you have spent Hahaha spoil the kids even though I have all their lives spoilt them gone without a lot to make sure that have a chance in life. Only a few years ago I was earning the highest wage on a weekly basis, I could pay the bills and buy a few things in life but didn’t overspend and still budget my money very carefully, in doing so I’m so glad that I did that as you don’t know what’s around the corner as life can change within a blink.

You make your life with what you have, not what your missing.

My learning is and I was brought up on this moral of life, except what you have but all ways work better to improve it, look after what you have as it’s so hard to replace, the most important enjoy what you have as there are people around that have much less than you do, and remember life is short. I do look at what I have and what id like but all so I understand and appreciate what I have… it does not mean that gaining more items will give me more happiness in life. Gratitude is the key, it helps us appreciate what we have in life, don’t become complacency be thank full for everything you have in life, be happy and enjoy what you have with goals and dreams to keep improving it one step at a time, and understand there is more to life than haven all the material things to improve life it’s all so what we have around us that can help with excepting every thing is pretty good in my life.


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