Dome = Coffee..

Well it’s all happening more test, more results still no idea Haha costing a fortune but have to do it to see what the problem is to be ready for the 4th of October to fly out. So it is interesting how it works like every thing else just go with the flow, so now we are going for an Utra Scan on the right leg to see if i have a blood clot in the leg we have tried every thing else so might as well see it thats the problem..

My problem is pretty small compared to the people in the Eastern States with Covid19, some havent worked for over 12 months and are loosing every thing which i feel is really sad and especially when they are doing what they have too do an told too do in no simple words. I feel one of the things that hits me is the changes in life not only for me but everyone around the world.. We have been informed that Mask will be inforced and wearing for every day of our life, kids as young as 5 need to get the Jab, No jab no job at my age can not refuse, full Covid test before boarding the plane before the swing and on the way home.. It’s coming no Jab no entry to anything and everything we use in life..

I understand what’s happening and the serious of the Covid19 but it’s all so a change in life and especially for the older crew from the 50s – 60s – 70s – we were spoilt as we had a chance to speak or vote for the changes, rules and regulations in life.. we had a chance to express our feeling and thoughts on different matters of life.. as my father of 93 saids he has lived through many of the changes in life, the great deppression, WW2 as a kid and many more but never every thought that he would see the world in such mayham as of today.. We both understand what’s happening and the direction of the world for the future of our kids but it’s one if any thing we never expected in life.

Once a time it was said.. True life is Lived When tiny changes Occur.

Time of Today is said.. True life is lived when massive changes Occur.



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