Learning Every Day…

I feel in life we need as humans to learn something every day and you should learn something every day of your life, dosen’t matter how big or small the main thing is knowing that every day is a learning day, and be perpared to learn just by listening and watching what goes on around you.

We all learn in different ways through reading, watching documentaries, study and just listening but for how ever way we do it we need to do so. I learn a lot just being around the kids because of the age difference the way they express themselfs their thinking on different suitations presented in front of them, and the way they bring their kids up is interesting compared to the way we were brought up as young ones.

The art of learning is every day that you get out of bed and it does not have any age bracket on it, and no cost in just learning about life and how you can improve it… I’m lucky as i have two different age’s of generation around me, my kids in there 30s, Kado heading into his teens and bubs at 15 months they both have and unique way of learning it’s so good to watch an see were they are in their process of life… For me i read a bit watch documentaries but i watch and listen a lot to whats in front and around me all the time and i’m so glad i do.

We should know one thing the day you stop learning is the day you die… the key is wanting to learn and understanding what you have just learned, but also teaching what you have learnt through experiences of life with knowing just the one word you say sometimes can teach so much it does not have to be a life time put into one conversation.. i all ways found if i chated to someone and walked a way with one word that can be helpfull to me means that i listened because i wanted to learn one new thing for the day.


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