Start Off A New Week..

It’s Monday and yes it’s the start of a new week… well for me i’m starting a new adventure or a new line in life.. i got up at 5.15am which is an early start for someone that is not working but i had a very important call from the USA yes over sea’s, i dont recieve many calls from the USA if anything maybe 1 every 5 years but this one hopefully starts something new with an oppurtunty to be had.

I booked in a call from a lady by the name of Amber Lethem from a company called Think Tech which speciallise in the way we think and the way we full fill that thinking in different ways of life with in work and your personal programs … now for me and iv’e said it before i’m writing my first book and yes i looked at in doing so 12 months ago but if i looked back i wasent ready to do so, Amber is just guieding me in the right direction with the start, middle, and ending as we go through those lines in writing.

We all know your first and maybe your 50th book that you write is for the love of writing if goes further than that it’s a bonus… what am i looking at just learning to write.. creat something that i have all ways wanted to do but for reasons with what ever excuse i had it never happened.. So with the right mind set, planning, resources,homework with good structure and one step at a time lets see what happens and what i can achieve with my new project.



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