Make The Best Of What You Have…

Its true that the Happiest People do not have the best of everything. They make the best of everything they have.

There is an old saying in life..Make The Best Of What You Have.. i remember my parents as a young fellor saying.. enjoy and be happy with what you have in life.. and as i turned another year older yesterday looking around and thinking of what i have and what i have achieved in the last 63 years is ok, material things for what i have are in good condition and been well looked after and have what i need.. as the saying goes would like more but content with what i have.

Life it’s self is ok if any thing pretty good i dont have my own house or property as an ivestement later in life that’s true but i do rent a stunning house yes it is a waste of money in a lot of ways.. But i do have something special in life we’re a lot of people wouldnt have or experience and that is a great relationship with my family and friends, with the most important to me is my own kids we are so close and have a great understanding of each other.. And there is my grandkids one eleven and one fitteen months old but are both very very special in so many ways.. yes my daughter her husband and two kids live with me and yes i would not have it any other way they are all a huge part of me and i love id say i’m a very happy man as they make the house full of happiness.

It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. it is what and how you think about it.

If i was to say there is one thing missing in life and that would be love yes true love.. been on my own for 23 years now it seems a long time and to be honest it is i must say... but it is what it is… there are days when id love that companionship next to me and be with me when times are good and times are hard and those special days through out the year. I dont know if i’m to old now for it to happen or to independent with my own ways but maybe just maybe there is a lady that thinks and feels i’m worth being with in her life. For what ever happens in my life i do try and make the best of what i have and dont have but i do off most days enjoy what i have and what is around me… Life it’s self is Ok could be better in ways but at the age of 63 i’m happy with what i have in Life.

Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with what you have in life that makes You, You.


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