Its That Time Of Year.. A day Older.. F@@k..

Age is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.

Yes it happens to most of us in life we get older, some of us with grace, style, charisima, beauty, how ever we grow we all turn a year older. It’s funny there are so many things we can stop in life but one that we find hard to do is Age, yes it happens to the best off us we all get a year older.

My belief is that to get older – is a Privilege not everybody gets to get older.

As for me, myself & I.. i’m not one that like’s birthdays especialy as i get older i do know i got this thing about age.. i keep a low profile about it and dont make a fuss with it as the saying goes it’s just another day. I do have expectations of my life and we’re i want to be and do dream and set goals for every day of my life, you got to believe that every day is a good day and you can make it better for yourself. One thing with age its a symbol to how you liv life you get to make and understand the weight of each decision because we know the value of our time, energy and happiness.

So i have turned 63 today and as i look around i’m pretty happy i might not have the material things of life as my own house and a few other things but what i do have and feel very proud is great kids and grankids with family and friends, and i have me now that’s certainly not the most exciteing thing to most people in life, but as i look in the mirror i can honestly say i’m ok i have been and given the best i can to others treat people with respect and have a good attitude towards most things in life, i’m not perfect never have been and never will be but i work on improving in different ways of life…i feel thats important if you can look in the mirror and understand who and what you have become knowing there are ways we can improve..each small step becomes a better person.

As i woke up today knowing i’m getting older i do understand more & more that it’s not about what i look like or what i own, it’s about the person i have become.



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