Life ???

Life Is Ironic. It takes depression To know happiness. It takes stress to understand calm. It takes absence to Value Presence.

As i look at that quote of life i understand it in so many ways as i have been through all those scenario’s as id say most of us have in some way. Depression is the hardest i find to work with as when i get my days i do get them some harder than others, with that it does show me happiness as well but it has a meaning of it’s not what you want to have in life with very hard day’s which i find a bit more frequent than i have done.

Stress we all have them, every time the bills come in bang i’m stressed but in saying that when im working cosistently knowing as they come in i can full fill the account, so it does come through your life depending on your work situation… who saids that money is not every thing i fell they got that one wrong.. I would say that absence does bring the value of presence their are a few friends and family i mis dearly especially the ones i could chat with on any subect good or bad.

No Regrets in Life. Just Lessons Learned.

To be quiet honest i dont have to many regrets in life, maybe i feel sometimes i should have done this or done that, or this way not that way, but as in regrets no… They have been lessons learned and id say many through the years and still learning all the time, what i try and do is not repeat the same.. maybe or this way.. i think about it more before making decisons.. i don’t feel i’m brilliant in what i do in life far from it what i do is see were i can improve in my life, ill never be perfect but id like to be good at what i do and how i am with people family and friends.

As i get older … i realize that the things that cost nothing hold the most Value.


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