Thank God It’s Friday..

Yes the end of the week is upon us in a flash how they fly through i think it’s the age thing they seem to go faster as you get older Lol. I had a thought for a second on Wednesday i needed a change just had that slight feeling as a women a change is needed in my life and it can be a very simple one at that, so in for a haircut and off with the beard which was two years ago a change in life but that change took two weeks to grow and 30 seconds to disappear, with that i feel pretty good and look a lot younger Haha didnt need a face lift after all..

Through out the week and each week off the future is the Covid19 and another day with what is happening and what we should do.. there looking at if you are unemployed or on sickness benfits no jab no money.. and the perdiction of the week is if Western Australia is hit with the Covid19 like the other states with in a week we will have 200 new cases a day and five people will die every day for months so quickly go and book your Jab.. It’s a great feeling in ending your week knowing that this is in front of you, makes me wonder as well are we bringing in scare tactics to make us all panic and get the jab Haha it seems to be working bookings have gone up through the roof, it’s funny there will be people that will agree and disagree but we should all have an opinion right or wrong.

Covid19 is here.

Well as we know i’m single an yes i look at different ways off meeting a lady, so as the bordem settled in through out the week i decided to go on the internet dateing and see what happens, well i got a few phone calls and tex messages which me made me look at what i put on my profile as i was getting a few men ringing me asking if i was interested and even a few photos of penises sent to me… Mmmm so straight to see what i wrote and i noticed nothing about me liking men nothing at all so with in a flash i’m of that site.. Cracks me get a shave and i attract men Hahaha come on ladies Lol.

Through out the week i have had the flu just were it makes you feel fucked and lazy i’m going in for a Covia test on Monday i don’t feel iv’e got it but the way we are at the moment it’s more mind over matter, but i’m ok compared to a couple of mates of mine one come off his bike and is now in a back brace for five months and the other got put into hospital with some stomach bug and nearly died he’s been in for over a week gets out today both very lucky in some ways Rod was an inch from being a Quadriplegic and Mat was not far away from dieing my flu is not too bad compared to my two mates.. It just shows how quick life can change Rod through an accident and Mat thinking it will be ok that man thing nearly changed him and his family, so it shows take life every day and make it a good one as life can change reall quick.

I have been home for over seven weeks Mmm not by choice but with this leg and back thing i dont look good stumbling in for work and no company will hire me the way i am at the moment the good thing is i start work at the end of September so working on the progress every day to get back up the Pilbara id say i’m lucky that i did the right thing with MGPL as they are really kneen to get me back on, so with that i have done 5 inductions with saftey, rules and regulations and the indigenous programs with the land and luxes of a very spiritual grounds must admit it’s keeping me busy and mind active and i feel like i’m progressing towards work again which is so good.

One thing i’m enjoying being home is how close i’m getting to the grankids and loving it so much, my grandaughter is at the age were she is starting to get her own personality and she is turning into a reall little character of her own.. every day she knocks on my door as i open it there is a beam of a smile very cheeky but melts me, and in comes this little tornado with so much fun my day begins follows me around chatting away and i’m sure she stirs me with saying every word but Pop the easiest word in the dicitionary she just laughs and saids Nan Hahha im pretty sure she knows, the funny thing with Ava she is so bossy learning really quick but i can see how her grandmother is like Kadafi on legs and my daughter certainly runs the house and wears the pants in her marriage but in a good way.. Kado is turning 11 and he’s the greatest kid been taking him to his boxing training and were ever else he needs to go with his outings… he is very smart and on to it doesn’t mis much of knowing what’s going on around him with a very witty sense of humour with a smart mouth but love it. The two off them make my day if i ever feel down and out i just walk in the door and that changes with in mintues they are such great kids and i’m enjoying being a part of their lives.

Id say sometimes i feel the loneliness thats for sure and think i’m 62 and my daughter and her family still live with me, but in saying that it has it’s benfits the house is all ways happy and full of fun… I dont have in depth conversations with her but we are very close, my son comes home from his three week stint and stays with us for his week off, it does annoy me but i really do enjoys his company and he wants to be a part of this great little family which is good as Toots, Tex, Kado and Ava love him and get on really well it just means the mother and great grandmother are here more often, Mmmm got to take the good and bad of life but my little family are happy and very loving off their lives and that’s what really accounts and i’m lucky to be a part of it, so another week has gone with so much happening it makes you wonder whats in store for next week Lol.


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