Covid – Covid – Covid… Had Enough..

I understand yes it’s serious and something we don’t want around and people are getting very sick and dying from it so yes it’s a serious part of our life. What i don’t like is we are getting brain washed with it, as it just does not stop, i watched an hour of the news and 50 mintues of it was Covid19, how many infections for the day and how many have passed away with the follow up of you need to get the jab and were to get it.

One Premiere had the balls to say it will never go away it’s here for a life time ( der we really need a mathematician for that )… now they are pushing for kids from the age of 12 on wards one had said six on wards, they are also saying that the latest if you are 60 or over that the Astrazeneca is the only shot to have the new one is not avaiable for us too old fuck them, to me it should be avaiable to every one but not if your 60 and over.. but it’s not discrimination Lol.. All companies have got the right no Jab No Job... What happen in 2019 when over 1200 people dyed of the flu.

I dont know but it feels right in some ways and very wrong in other’s, the latest is when Australia are at 80% with vaccination or borders will be open and life will be back to normal knowing that it’s going to spread even more, as it is our hospitals are 62% Covid19 with 29% fully Vaccinated… and they wonder why we are confused because even if we fully Vaccinated and it spreads with 80% off the country have had the jab we are in Lockdown

Im not one to bitch but i have to say this is just being pushed so hard to the stage were i dont think they can stop pushing are getting brain washed, not sure but we have lost the freedom of speach and thinking for your self if we put any thing up on the social media it’s taken off with in seconds, our doctor and friendly chemist are asking have you had your shot yet Paul, well i’m going too as i have too there will be no option with all companies going no jab no job at my age it’s harder enough now to get a job.

To finish off i understand the serious of the Covid19 and what can happen it’s the every day off pushing and new rules that are geting put on us every day that’s just getting to me.. maybe it’s my age but for what ever it is my rights as a person is slowly going down hill.. But i also Know it’s a huge part of life now not just for me but the world... and we have to except that Covid19 is here.


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