How Do I Enjoy Life At 62…

Thats such a good question ? but an easy one to answer.. well easer to say than do.. we all say we’re going to do this and that.. but do we do this and that.. a lot of it’s a strong mind and good will power.. set a program and stick to it.. take the good and bad days.. set a goal one that is reaching level not one that you will never get too or just will never happen.. enjoy it.. just some things i believe that’s needed i can say that as iv’e experienced a lot of challenges some i made some that fell away pretty easy.. so this will be interesting more for me and see how good i am as iv’e got too the end of my teather Lol..

Things i need to put into perspective and reality..

(1).. It‘s not to late to start healthy living.. (2).. Make time to take care of my brain, the way i think and do. (3).. Take care of your body. (4).. Stay postive. (5).. Take control of medical my medical care.. Mmm need some work with this one. (6).. Regular health test.. again need some work on this one. (7).. Learn about hormones and aging. (8).. Have a good laugh and smile even when the tide is important. (9).. love me for what and who i am. (10).. Enjoy my family, friends.. Kids an Grankids. (11).. have a great attutide, improve the personality, show enthusiasm with every thing i do. (12).. Learn and understand what and why your doing it. (13).. Keep up a good sex life..

As we get older your first two layers of your skin – the epidermis and dermis – thin and flatten out, your skin turns drier and itchier and may look like crepe papaer ot tissue Haha.. wrinkles, age spots, creases become more noticeable and your sweat glands also get less active.

Be Healthier.. Learn a new recipe.. i love cooking so thats up my alley to easy, cooking is so enjoyable to me it is. Take Dancing lessons.. i’m looking into that right this moment Haha Fred Astar here i come. Learn Yoga or what i’m doing is Tai Chi for better body movement especially hips and back. Learn to meditate thats an omportant one a strong and healthier mind is a good mind. If you can afford it good vegies and fruit is a major key but like i said if you can aford it. And good sex.. Mmmm i say that as it’s a good stimulation pshchology in so many ways but all so a feeling of compaionship and friendship.

So if we wonder how to be or can we be happier and more postive at 60 plus.. course we can why not just look at, Focus on achievement, not luck but that can help sometimes. Look at your gratitude through Meditation. Plan Your to do list. Im A big one on that. Make breakfast a pleasant one.. i need to work on that one haven breakfast but i find it hard at 4am lol. Use small and good gestures to strengthen relationships.. thats with all involved with you in life.

Just a small survey i look up as it’s one that intrigud with the curiosity of it.. and yes we can make love and have sex several times or more than a week Haha so life is not over Lol. With work wise your never to old to learn and do a new career, But in saying that according to the goverment and the small fucking minds of the work force over 40 you are on the verge of out.. over 50 your on the scrap pile.. 60 your complete fucking rubbish you should be dead.. well they can get fucked in capatial letters.. i can say that as at the age of 59 i learnt to work in Civil Construction, from Traffick Management, roller operator all 5 different machines, water cart operator, front end loader and now a tipper so you can not have a problem if your perpared to do so but i think the most important for me.. that a company didnt look at age they looked at life experience for me with a sporting background that was a huge change of my life and one i’m enjoying as i just signed a two year contract back in the Pilbara at the end of September.

So yes dont look at age as a burden or your fucking rubbish now.. look at it as a new day every day, enjoy the challenges, plan it more of every day, be postive, have a great atitude, eat healitheir, be strong minded, more sex Haha but more than any thing enjoy it every day by day, and be thankfull that you wake up to enjoy it, love life for what you have and what it offers, bring all experiences into the changes, take one day at a time but work with that one day every time.. Just enjoy You for who and what you are as a person and human being.


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