Monday..Monday.. Confused..

Yes another Monday has come upon us how quick are the weeks going, and yes another bad week when it comes to the Coronavirus through out Australia.. At the moment cases are picking up on the east coast all the time with record of numbers in cases and deaths..Now in WA we have no new cases but id say that will change with two ships sitting out in port waiting to come in with crew on board that have the virus so we need to brace for the restrictions that will follow, when it docks, my personal opinion is and i’m not a bad person in any way do what they do every were else in the world dont dock go home, drop them off medical supplies and then see ya later some countries wouldn’t even do that just get out off our waters would be the command.

I hat to do a bit of homework because it’s really getting out of hand as in rules that are starting to apply to us and they just keep comming every day in what i see and hear from our Lustrous leaders of Australia. Now in 2019 the last year were we got the what is commonly called the Flu Season..

The number of reported flu cases through out Australia was 300,000.. which is reported to be 80% higher than 2018 and 17% higher that 2017 it was decribed by experts as the worst ever in Australia.. Now sadley 4,000 people had been hospitalised, and 812 had died..

Coronavirus 2020 – 2021 – we have had 45,737 cases.. 984 deaths.. 31,593 recovered now its’ not good at all with any numbers of deaths with this virus which we are told keeps growing every day.. but we have not had any cases of the Flu since 2020 well i can say Mmmm don’t know with that one as we in this house hold have all had the flu last week and i was in bed for two days over the weekend.

Now for us this is how life is going to turn and it will keep turning every day with new rules comming into sequel of life. This is what is being pushed to be in operation with every day living… No jab No work is being set up by most companies by November this year.. these will follow and are on the discussion table.. – No Jab No hoildays No restaurants No Movies No shopping – basically in any thing to do with retail or were people are involved and many many more are too follow over the next few months..

The question i have to ask is when we had the flu epidemic in 2019 were if you look at the percentages of cases and deaths were so much higher in one year than two years with the C19, why wasen’t it inforced to get the flu shot and we shut down the city’s and inforce the restrictions like we are now.. i do believe we have a problem and yes it’s not good not only here but through the world and would like to see it gone but thats not going to happen at all it’s here for a life time the replacement of the Flu or untill another virus at least hit ‘s the world.. Now we are told the restrictions will not change or be lifted untill 80% of Australia have had the Vaccine shot..

For me at my age i’m put in a corner no needle no job and many more restrictions that have been applied, id have to say yes i’m not sure about it because anything that occurs through having the shot is taken off the webb quicker than it goes on.. we weren’t forced into the flu shot.. i just feel like many other people of Australia we are being forced into it No Jab No Life.. all we ever hear is the negative and what we need to do or in between the lines do it now.. it’s sad but it’s a big part of life the goverment rule us now more than any time iv’e seen in my life time, yes we need rules and regulations to run a good safe country.. but this is do it.. is it safer for us our future.. the kids growing up in a world of politics and corrections.. from don’t call it christmas it’s festive season or your mum and dad are known as your guardians, and humpty dumpty never fell of the wall and many more political bullshit fucking changes to our lives.. so the bottom line is with the Jab with in the next 6 months life will be very hard if we dont get our two jabs that’s how it is going for all of us and another proccedure we must follow in life..


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