Blessings In Disguise…

As i lay in bed early today thinking..( you seem to do a lot off that when things are not going well for you Lol ) and i weigh up another hurdle to jump over and yes had a few in life, but this is just another challenge could this be a Blessing In Disguise so the saying goes, as i think can’t seem to see a blessing in it anyway. No matter how much it gets to you try and hold your head up high, and is there a lesson to learn from it.. i would say put that lesson into another experience of life.

Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place.

Its funny how life can go with different turns and twist but that does not happen to a lot of people either as things just seem to go the same direction at all time. I feel that i have had a few blessings but not all ways for the good as much as id like them too, we can all so look at it as a life changing event, for what every reason we as humans must look at the ( blessings ) as possitve as we can for what life changing it could be.

Make a decision to talk about why you are blessed, not stressed. You give life to what your focus on.

Kristen Butler.


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