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It’s Another Day.. With Purpose..

Greatest Thing In Life Is Experience. Even Mistakes Have Value.

How true is that.

I say that with no Mailce at all another day.. As i look around sitting out side it’s a beautiful day so quiet and peaceful with a bit of tranquil added into it. I’m letting my mind wander today with that i see In The Middle Of Every Difficulty Times Lies An Opportunity that’s waiting in front of me.

To Succeed In Life You need three things: A Wishbone A Backbone And a Funny Bone.

Reba Mcentire.

We all have to learn in life things are for a purpose why i don’t know but thats how it seems every thing we do or have put in front of us seems to be a requirement that comes with it or is the Purpose of Life is to live the different experiences that we have, to reach out eagerly for the newer and richer experiences that are put in front of us. We as humans face the challenges of life just sometimes in just staying alive but we do search in finding something to live for .I was haven a chat with my daughter and the grandson early today explaining how important it is for him to stay at school or as i have learned that 47 of my years in life i have been in the workforce and as i look around what do i have for it.. not fucking much i must admit.. but what i do have is my two great kids and two beautiful grandkids which is simple but rewarding in so many ways and i wouldnt have it any other way.. haven them around me helps in so many ways..i mean how hard is to be down when your grankids reak with happiness and bring it wright through the house everyday.. and watching my kids grow as great humans that they are is pretty rewarding simple but rewarding in life.

I heard a great quote once and it’s so true in so many ways i understand it and all ways try to live it but again it does not all ways work the way we want it too.

Happiness Is not something ready made. It comes from our Own Actions.

As i sit out side in the bar area out of the blue the weather has changed in a blink of an eye it’s cloudy and raining what happen.. thats how quick life can change.. yesterday i sort of couldnt see a turning point.. it’s there i know that and i keep working towards that turning point even though in a small thought the question is ? how and when the answer to that is me which = the way i pursue the challenge and look at the challenge is mind over matter, which would be entirley up to me.. in life and right at this moment through out the world everyone has a challenge in front of them and some right now have challenges that most of us would not want in life with horrible consequences that would be very unwelcome and unpleasant so mine is pretty small and can be achieved down the track with the right mind set and people behind me, i’m working with my mind on setting it wright even though i’m not really were i want to be at the moment and i do have the right people behind me.. that brings a smile to my face with the thought on looking ahead and see what this purpose of life has installed for me.. what ever it is.

Challenges are a fact of life It’s the response to them that really Counts.



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