Monday.. Monday

Do you get those Monday’s were you wake up just laying there thinking what’s instore for you for the week or what is happening around you through different things in the country, today was one off those Monday morning were i just layed with deep thought’s going through my little mind.

If we have the right mind-set, you can be just as happy on Monday as you are on Friday.

Im in for a bad week Lol.

So what was so different with this particular Monday, id say the thought of knowing i can’t go for an interview for a position as i’m struggling to walk.. i have to laugh the vision i see off me walking up to the desk as i look like i have something wedged in my butt not a good look.. for the first time in my life i’m knocking back interviews as struggling to walk or even sit down – or trying to stand up again.. i can say every 1 dollar means so much at the moment as i waite to see if AMP is going to release some of my super for me to help out, i have some big medical bills coming up in a few weeks with the test i have to take to get on top off this issue with my body. It’s funny in one way the amount of forms i needed even right down to the specialest on how long iv’e been out of work and my medical issues..Im so glad it’s my money Haha.

Do i feel sorry for i don’t but id be lying if i said i wasen’t depressed through the lack of employment or funds – id say i have what my doctor is calling it – clinical depression which i am as my body movement is very poor in so many ways, lucky i’m not haven sex lol.. Now at the moment there are so many people going through very hard times in the Eastern States of Australia with the DELTA Coronavirus causing massive lockdown were people are loosing their jobs, houses, breaking up marriages and many other issues it’s causing.. I do really feel for everyone over there for what is happening is certainly not fair at all, but we could be in the same boat it only takes one in WA and we would be in the same boat that’s for sure.

I think sometimes do i have a right for me to feel for me.. i do believe i have as.. it’s my life.. my health head space.. if any thing my life the one and only one i need to get on top off and that’s important to me. Your mind is so powerfull in so many ways, if you feel good, bad, happy, depresed or have stressful issues in life the mind can play with the feelings in which it’s harder to get it out of there some times i must admit.. through this i learn again it can make me stronger or weaker, id say learning that life is the best teacher would be an understatement as i learn every time an issue comes into my life for the good or bad.

Life’s best lessons seem to be learned at the worst times.


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