The Directions We Take In Life..

If we look at our lives in some way we have a road or the common saying a path that leads to our direction’s in life. I have been in so many directions in life good and bad, sometimes on my road i have taken a wrong turn or come to a roundabout where i just seem to go around the same directions, and then i get the Road Ends and don’t seem to go any were in life, and it’s funny i seem to be taken more roads as my direction hasen’t seem to find it’s path yet in my life.

If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, Any Road Will Get You There.

Through out life i have taken many directions with so many things, when we look at it we all have in some way, friends, marriage, school, work, travelling and what we believe in as religion or the faith of each step, each path or road takes us in the direction that can make our lives complete or just not far from completion. I find that the road im on is still very opened as i havent seemed to stop on the direction of happiness or fullfillment in life.

If you want to find the right road. Follow Many Paths. Be willing to try new things and dont be affraid to change the direction along the way..

As a young fellor my parent’s suggested many directions to take on my road but as most young guys did out of every 10 id take 2 of there’s, and it’s funny as i do the same and maybe my kids take 3 out of 10 but through this we learn if we have taken the right direction in our lives.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one may, we ourselves must walk our path.

There are obstacle’s in the path that becomes the path. Never forget, with every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our conditions. I have never compared my path with any one else’s as my path is different and in one way unique, why do i say that.. as i know i have taken so many different road’s compared to a lot of my mates that have been on the same road for 20 to 30 years plus and gone in a good direction with the path they have choosen. It’s true the road or path can change in an instant or blink of and eye as it’s said, one day im working and the next im out of work for two years and hat to find a new direction which is one i thought id never take and one that was very different to the ones i was on for a few years.

Barack Obama once quoted If your walking down the right path and your willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress, I’m 62 and my road is still has an opening for directions as im trying to see if i can find mine still, the one thing is i walk mine alone and have done for so many years so for every direction i take its my descion right or wrong, it’s a lesson and a part of my experience’s in life that i hope one day ill be content, the one id really love is to find the path or road that i one day could find love, haha you never know i just got to find the right path or for me road.

The Road is there in life, it will all ways be there. You just have to decide when to take it.

By Choosing Our Path We Choose Our Destination.



One Reply to “The Directions We Take In Life..”

  1. It is amazing looking back and the different life events that alter my direction in life. And yes, as you say the road or path can change in an instant. Thank you for sharing! 🙏


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