The Week It Was..

We Can’t Always Control What Happens; But We Can Control Our Response.

Tuesday was the start of the week for me, at the airport bright and early 5am to fly out to Newman for a 3 week shift. As I walked into the airport full mask you could see the eyes only of faces and ones that are saying…. Is this our life, How long do we do this for.. Excepting Its here.. Not happy.. But it’s here and it’s not going away at all so the key is to live with it and adjust to the C19 lockdowns as they will be in and out for a long time, it’s funny 180 on the plane full mask and sitting on top of each other Mmm.

I’ve done thousands of Kilometres and stayed at a lot of accommodations but this place is depressing in so many ways the rooms, the management, the food is disgusting to the stage we go out of town to get our meals, with the cost of every day things is over the top in prices. What can I say haven’t a nice to thing to say about this town, it’s like a speed hump go over it and don’t look back haha. Through out the week we have the hotel next door with bands DJ Thursday To Monday finishing from 1am to 3am so sleep with dosh dosh going through the accomodation not the best but can’t do much about it. So the best part of Newman going home next week.

I was not in Perth last week but it was big news with the weather and the damage it created through the city.. my daughter explained it as the biggest she has ever seenthe interesting thing is apparently Perth’s in one off their biggest storm in 50 years, and we are coping it Tuesday in the Pilbara, we won’t be working but hopefully I get some great photos like the lucky ones did in the city last week.

I’d have to say if there are a few things I mis it would be these two guys, obviously both different ages and at different levels but both unique at we’re they are and what they give me which is a lot of pure happiness when I’m home with them.

I have applied for a few positions as this one finishes for me late next week I have received an interview with two of them one in Perth and one up in the Northwest .

I also have the second operation on my nose in two weeks, with something new for me injections into my back to release the nerve in my spine, now I have been informed a very painful procedure if it can release the pain and improve my walk I’m into it haha.

I’d have to say my depression has been up and down but it doesn’t help when you are at a place that your not to be keenly to be, but I just manage it to my best especially with the mental side of it, as we say just keep going forward and make every day as good as you can.

Every day May not be good. But there is something good. In every day.


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