Life = It’s Ok…

Well we’ll got back in last night an in one it’s was so good to touch ground knowing I’m going to see my little family for a few days that’s a good feeling.

The little luxury’s of life.

It was funny I was feeling really good until I went to get in the Taxi and the driver started yelling for going to get in the front, and I had a mask on doing the Wright thing, so I hat to ask him are you a wanker mate or just haven a bad day.

Saturday morning as usual wake up like I’ve been drinking all night haha but I haven’t no problem with that. Off to my hair dresser for a major clean up beard and hair, don’t know if I looked better but certainly feel better for it.

Then off to get my nails done with my feet and hands getting massage, it’s funny as I walk in the place is full an all the women look at me like why are you here or there is a man here haha, I hear hi Paul have a seat so glad to see you how have ya been, such a friendly lady and the staff are really helpful with the smile of I’m glad to do this for you.

Through all this got the mask on we’re ever you go which is a big part of life… Today being Sunday I’m off for a full two our massage need to get this body better had enough, today is the start to work ahead to get it Wright.

I’m home until Wednesday which is ok away for 2 weeks come home for second operation on my nose and been offered a position in the city on a roller with a civil Construction company… thinking about seriously as I have lived out of a suit case for 4 years now it’s good but hard as well in some ways, the Perth positions rate is good with penalties I’d say one of the things that’s got me thinking is the kids, being a part of there life with the grandkids growing up I want to be a part of it with the hope of maybe being a part of a relationship that would be good as you can’t build a relationship being a way three weeks a month.

I know in life it has twist and turns some good some bad but for everyone thrown at me I look at it to see we’re it takes me and if I can benefit through it in health, wealth, happiness or sadness I’m hoping one day it is companionship lol.



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