Quotes When Ya Waiting..

The first thing I believe in we look at…is looking after your self and prove to your self on the way you do and accomplish your life.
There so many things I would be hesitant or thought that I could not do, through bringing up my kids and being on my Owen I learnt a lot and most of it was overcoming the challenges I have had thrown in front of me in the 20 years on my Owen.
Learn to be positive even look at the bad challenges being put in front of try and see that there is a reason and there’s positive side of it in front of you.
I believe in me and how I progress on moving forward in life..i also believe that even at 62 I can keep moving forward, in believing that you deserve it you need to work for it don’t think it’s going to fall on your lap.
This is so true as I’m going through this and have done for awhile, but I also believe that I’ll get on top of it just keep believing and working on the mental side off depression.
One off my biggest believes in life is haven the right attitude in everything you do in life i know there is a lot more to life to succeed but Attitude is certainly one of the strongest to be a good person in everything you touch and do.
Age is a work of art as you get older you take all those of experiences where you can keep going forward or pass through to your family, friends and most of all your kids that can guide them i the right directions of life.
Three of the best keys to life..obviously money is the biggest part of life but when you have lived just on the average income for most of your life..

Life.. Laughter.. Love can help In so many ways to equal the key to Happiness.


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