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Back Home — Too C19.


I fly out tonight from Newman for 4 days an then back up for a month of work, but it’s a funny thing I don’t want to go home in one as I’m going in to lockdown but all so don’t want to stay here as it’s not a town that you would visit in one way well I believe it’s what we call a speed hump drive straight through an don’t look back lol.

Now a part from the accommodation that was made for inhuman use which I have got use too in some way, the town is so expensive in a lot ways and the food we’re we are staying is a lot to be desired believe me, everyone has had food poisoning with our crew over the last 3 weeks, so what an I say just that it’s helped me in loosing 7 kilos of fat so it has had its good point I’d say.

When I arrive back n Perth tonight it’s mask on and go with the flow of lockdown through our mate C 19 I get to see the kids an grandkids which is good get to clean up the facial an haircut nails done and a massage, get my back fixed so it has its points I’d say, but the reality is C19 is not going away at all an until a lot of people realise that we will be better for it, the government completely rule us which is not good in some ways and as for me finding love I’m back up North Wednesday so back to being alone and fighting the depression, I will be positive and look at what I have got and what I’m doing which is ok compared to a lot of people.

Life goes on in what you make and create for yourself…


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