Look After Ya Self..

Looking after ya self is a Something we all should do on a regular basis if not all the time. What are the basis of Looking After Yourself..A-healthy body, A healthy Mind, An open mind, with keeping your body in tone.

I’ve learnt over the years and I must say there has been a few haha, I’ve been fat very fat, muscular solid, good mind a fucked mind, you could say up an down in and out, now if you were a real man you understand the feeling of looking in life he mirror and not liking what you see in doing so it show’s me the mental side of me as I stand with in silence thinking of the body and mind.

Now I’m not-doing drugs or alcohol through this haven’t done it for years on my own choice and one I haven’t got a problem with.. What I’m finding now as you get older your body is like a car it needs a tune up, well I’m needing a few ultra rations to the inner of me with my back, arthritis, moles cut out, pinched nerves, being fucking fat and the mental side of depression, they say get the mind Wright you get the body Wright.

Now we all have the Coronavirus to deal with and it’s not going away any time. I know I have to work with it, but I also see the importance of working on my health mentally an body.. you find as you get older it takes a bit longer it must be your metabolism and age Mmm let’s not forget age.. my biggest positives and goals are my kids and grandkids as I love them so much an I want to watch them all grow up in life.



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