Depression the way I’m going to fight it..

I’m suffering with depression even though I’m working. I’m not taking the medication as my son said he put on 11Kilos through talking the medication so me no way.

So I have brought a programme for my photography an powering into keeping the mind of mine active.

My philosophy is while I’m travelling with working I might as well Carrie my camera with me as the land an nature offers something special an unique in photography.

I will fight my depression which I know it will be hard but do it through being busy with my , blogs, work, photography, writing a book my kids an grandkids.

I’m going to offer these an photos as prints, I like the idea of sharing some stunning sunsets, sunrises, nature, sports an just photo’s that tell a story.

I know depression is an evil disease an it is different for everyone but I’m going to keep fighting it and understand me for better in life.


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